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19 Jul 2018

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CYCLEWRAP joins forces with datatag to protect your pride and joy

Posted on in Business News ,Brands & Products News , Cycles News by Cyclewrap

There are many things that will take the shine off your cycling pride and joy. Stone chips and scratches from the road or trail can quickly see the sparkle fade from new bike paintwork.  On top of that, it doesn't get much worse than when a lowlife thief decides to steal your bike!

Wouldn't it be great if you could prevent both in one easy hit?  Well, now you can!

To counter both in one hit UK based CYCLEWRAP recently signed up with leading security marking specialist Datatag to offer customers the complete package – paint & theft protection. 

Chris Tilley of CYCLEWRAP explains; ‘Many of the bikes we work on are brand new with owners wanting to add paint protection film before they even step out onto the road or trail. It’s the perfect time to suggest fitting the Datatag UV PRO cycle system which protects their bike from theft.’ 

The Datatag Cycle PRO system incorporates a discrete tamper evident warning label with QR code which sits neatly under the special UV stable film Chris uses, ‘invisible’ UV etchings which can be easily read through the film and microscopic Datadots to protect parts and accessories.

Dave Luscombe of Datatag said, ‘Working with CYCLEWRAP our message of cycle protection sits perfectly and ensures that the theft protection message is delivered at the perfect time. If riders are serious about looking after their bikes, which CYCLEWRAP’s customers are, there is really only one thing to add – Datatag.’

 Available direct from CYCLEWRAP for a low one-off cost, fully fitted, Datatag and CYCLEWRAP are the perfect protection partners.

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