Job Descriptions

Whether you're looking for a part time sales assistant or a full time mechanic, it is essential that you first determine exactly what it is you want from this recruitment drive.

Your job advert will be responsible for attracting the bulk of your applications, so make sure you are sending out the right message. The basic information you should include is outlined below.  

  • the job title
  • the position in the company, including the job title of the person to whom the employee will report and of those who will report to them, if any
  • the location of the job
  • a summary of the general nature and objectives of the job
  • a list of the main duties or tasks of the employee
  • Working Hours
  • Duration of job (if temporary)

Person Specification

Advertising on the ActSmart and related Experts job boards will ensure you attract only the best. If you want someone who is passionate about your industry then advertising on the specialist sites is the best place to find them.

The Person Specification should outline what is expected from candidates:

  • Skills / Abilities e.g. basic IT skills-Word, Excel, Powerpoint
  • Knowledge e.g. basic knowledge of all the brands stocked in your store
  • Experience e.g.  At least a years experience in a similar role
  • Qulaifications e.g. minimum Cytech level 1
  • Personal Attributes  e.g. confident approaching customers
Some of these specifications are essential, such as qualifications, whereas others may just be desirable, such as knowledge, which can be taught to a candidate who exceeds in other areas. It is up to you to determine which skills are essential and which are desirable. 


Deciding on the job description and person specification for the new staff can be tricky especially if it is a new role that you have created. To help you get started we have outlined some of the responsibilities that may apply to some of the more common roles you are advertising for.

Shop Manager

  • Responsible for the management of staff and the shop/workshop
  • Good leadership and decision making skills 
  • Adaptable - fit into other roles where there are absences / problems
  • Self-motivated and can motivate others within the team
  • Staff management - supportive but authoritative
  • Effective recruitment
  • Staff training - assess needs to suit each individual
  • Good financial management - set and work within realistic budgets
  • Marketing / merchandising - ideas and putting them into practice
  • Set and meet targets
  • Increase sales and profitability
  • Excellent customer service / interpersonal skills
  • Technical knowledge of product range and workshop facilities
  • Oversee the upkeep of the shop / workshop to a high standard
  • Maintain EPOS system / workshop documents etc

Bike Mechanic

  • Responsible for maintaining an efficient, productive and safe workshop
  • Self-motivated and work at own initiative - pricing up jobs, maintaining consistently high standard of workmanship without supervision and work within time scales
  • Works well as part of a team
  • Gives effective ideas of how things could work more efficiently - new processes, equipment required etc
  • Literate - must keep accurate worksheets / PDI checklists
  • Maintain a clean and tidy workshop environment
  • Excellent technical knowledge- ability to work on any type of bike to a high standard from a small puncture to a full bike build from scratch
  • Eye for detail
  • Good communication skills - the ability to explain to customers the work that needs to be done in a clear and non-patronising manner and to give details of cost with accuracy
  • Good organisational skills - prioritise jobs, maintain tidy workstation, keep paperwork in order

Front of House (Sales)

  • Responsible for the management of the shop floor
  • Customer service - welcoming new customers and building up good working relationships to retain existing customers
  • Excellent communication skills - face to face / on the phone/ emails etc
  • Ability to discover what the customer wants/ needs and what their budget is and helping them make the right choices - including the right sizes/models for their requirements
  • Personable, approachable 
  • Well presented
  • Display good technical knowledge with bikes, accessories and cycling itself
  • Extensive knowledge of the products and services available
  • Proven sales ability
  • Work with management helping with product range planning, promo events, merchandising
  • Maintain accurate stock control
  • Team player
  • Self motivated
  • Numerate - accurate with pricing up jobs with the mechanics / bike builds etc
  • Computer literate - accurate at maintaining tills / EPOS, web content, emails etc
  • Adaptable to varied tasks
  • Basic knowledge of mechanics


Adverts posted on the ActSmart, Experts or Cytech jobs boards are the responsibility of the organisation submitting the job vacancy. ActSmart are not liable for the content of any job adverts posted online.