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12 Dec 2018

A combined bookshop, café, deli & homeware shop based in St Boswells, in the rural Scottish Borders, has been named Britain's Best Small Shop of 2018 at an event at the Houses of Parliament.

10 Dec 2018

To promote the coming-soon loyalty, gifting and promotions app - booost, a competition was run offering retailers free access and prizes.

7 Dec 2018

Madison announced the immediate distribution of the smart Cosmo Connected Bike Light to retailers across the UK and Ireland.

7 Dec 2018

Opening hours over the Christmas break and information about our Christmas and New Year promotion.

5 Dec 2018

Delivery services offered by retailers can help them stand out from their competition. But there are elements that make the difference.

5 Dec 2018

Tax retailers that make more than 20% of turnover online, all the while subsidising high streets through cheaper rates is the way to save the high street.

5 Dec 2018

Black Friday has become an overwhelming online event, suggested through the online sale figures.

3 Dec 2018

The Low Pay Commission report 2018 has been published with recommendations for NLW and NMW rates to apply from April 2019

3 Dec 2018

Small Buisness Saturday held its sixth campaign on the 1st of December in support of small businesses across the UK

29 Nov 2018

Study shows that independent retailers were hit hardest by the 2018 Black Friday discounts

2018 Best Small Shops Winner

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Over the last six weeks 115 pieces of coverage have appeared discussing the Best Small Shops competition 2018 and the 25 shortlisted finalists. The total readership for all the overage stands at 3.25 million!

The Mainstreet Trading Company is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year.

In 2012 they added a Deli & Home section, expanding their customer base alongside of innovative unique ideas including the ‘A Year of Books' subscription; Book Burrows, two areas where the shop plays children's audio books and the Love Your Indie book loyalty card.

Mainstreet trading company


Rosamund de la Hey said:

"It's amazing and unexpected to win the Best Small Shops competition having been shortlisted alongside an incredible array of fantastic independents from so many different sectors."

Rosamund expressed her gratitude for being recognised with three fellow booksellers, touching on the importance of mutual support for one another. She then thanked the team that has stood behind her and her husband.

Mark Walmsley, Chairman of the Independent Retailers Confederation, explained how:

"We have been able to celebrate the diversity, choice and quality of specialist independent retailers around the country and the contribution that they make to their local communities."

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