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17 Jan 2020

The Petersfield Bookshop is an independent bookshop based in Petersfield, Hampsire, that experienced an unlikely turnaround in just one night using the power of the internet.

15 Jan 2020

This years iceBike* will once again see The Bike Shop take up a central position to help advise retailers on POS and merchandising best...

15 Jan 2020

At £8.72 per hour, the National Living Wage will rise by 51p in April from its current rate of £8.21

14 Jan 2020

Papadeli, recognised by Indie Retail as the Best Small Shop of 2019, hasnow gone on to reach the final of Shop of the Year 2020, run by the Guild of Fine Food, in the Delicatessen & Grocer...

19 Dec 2019

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18 Dec 2019

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18 Dec 2019

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18 Dec 2019

The UK's seventh annual Small Business Saturday on 7 December proves to be the most successful one to date

18 Dec 2019

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17 Dec 2019 | 2 comments

Retail Week Live is an inspirational two-day retail conference that provides leaders with the ideas, insight and networks to lead through digital transformation and win greater consumer spend.

Indie Bookshop Turnaround using the Power of Twitter

Posted on in Business News

The Petersfield Bookshop is an independent bookshop based in Petersfield, Hampsire, that experienced an unlikely turnaround in just one night using the power of the internet.

On the 14th of January The Petersfield Bookshop tweeted that they hadn't sold a single book throughout the entire day, estimating that this was the first time this had happened in the hundred years since it opened.

The tweet, posted by Robert Sansom, who has worked for the shop for 13 years, explained that not a single book had been sold all day and included photos of the empty bookshop. After a fortunate retweet from the fantasy and science fiction author Neil Gaiman, the post reached millions. The full tweet can be seen below.

  Mr Sansom said of the situation:

"It was really touching, people have been so kind. This will really make a difference. There are slow days, but it was a really unusual day for us to have not sold any books - no one wanted to come out because of Storm Brendan."

John Westwood, 56, whose family owns the store, said: "It blows me away. I don't understand social media because I'm old-fashioned, but when Rob called me and told me the figures, I was gobsmacked."

As of today the tweet now has well over 8,000 retweets and over 18,000 likes. The bookshop posted their reaction to the overwhelming response to the tweet.



This extraordinary situation is a great example of how consumers are beginning to rally behind high street shops to prevent their closure. The UK's crisis-hit high street has been well-publicised over the last few years meaning that this increased awareness among consumers, combined with initiatives such as Just a Card and the Best Small Shops competition, could indicate a prosperous 2020 for the high street yet.

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