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Guernsey's e-bike subsidy scheme exhausts budget in less than a month

Posted on in Cycles News

An e-bike subsidy initiative in Guernsey launched less than a month ago has already come to an end due to the popularity of the campaign exhausting the funding quicker than expected.

Introduced to help reduce pollution and to improve the health of the island's residents, the scheme saw the States of Guernsey offer a 20% subsidy to people buying an electric bike up to the value of £1500, with participating cycle retailers offering an additional 5% discount on top of this.

366 e-bikes were been bought as a result of the scheme, using up the entire £100k subsidy budget set aside within the first month.

Owners who purchased an electric bike under the scheme are being encouraged to fill out a survey to provide feedback on the campaign.

That feedback will then be used by Guernsey's Committee for the Environment and Infrastructure to help gather data on e-cycle usage in the island and determine whether the initiative succeeded in shifting people away from the motor car or helped improved the health of owners.

Deputy Barry Brehaut, President of the Committee for the Environment & Infrastructure commented "The Committee is ecstatic that so many people have taken the opportunity to buy an electric cycle. It is hoped the subsidy scheme will help reduce traffic congestion on our roads and help owners enjoy the many health benefits that come with increased activity.

"The anecdotal feedback we have heard from e-bike users is that they are delighted with their new form of transport and are enjoying the freedom and ease of use that they bring, so we look forward to seeing the results of the surveys in the future."

Until the results of the survey are known, the Committee of Environment and Infrastructure say they have no plans at this stage to extend the scheme.


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