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25 Jul 2018

300 pint-sized riders from 15 different countries descend on Boulder Colorado, USA for the 8th annual Strider Cup World Championship.

25 Jul 2018

Sales at the retailer increased 2%

27 Jun 2018

Strider, the specialist balance bike manufacturer is offering selective dealer agreements to independent cycle shops to stock the new Strider 14X Balance/Pedal Bike.

30 May 2018

Netherlands facility to focus on e-bikes

11 May 2018

For their dealer network during key sales months

28 Feb 2018

CYCLEWRAP are pleased to announce that they have joined with the KTM UK FACTORY MTB TEAM as a brand new sponsor for 2018.

10 Jan 2018

Raleigh to launch limited edition Burner and Sherwood Balance Bikes

7 Jan 2018

CYCLEWRAP recently signed up security experts DATATAG to offer customers peace of mind both on and off the bike!

5 Jan 2018

Batribike is delighted to announce a new closer partnership with Danish e-bike company Pro-Movec.

British Rider aged 5 takes home a respectable 6th Place in the Strider Cup World Championships.

Posted on in Business News ,Brands & Products News , Cycles News , Outdoor News by Strider Bike UK

Last weekend (21st July, 2018) saw 300 pint-sized riders from 15 different countries descend on Boulder Colorado, USA for the 8th annual Strider Cup World Championship.

Cohan Jagielski, the 2018 British champion took his place on the start line and despite very tough competition from the well-trained Japanese fought his way onto the podium.

The Strider race scene features excited and proud parents and grandparents eagerly encouraging their young racers as bright yellow cowbells are rung and the starting gate drops. Toddlers from the age of 1 years, some still in nappies, lean forward, kick their short legs and embark upon their 600-foot plus journey over obstacles from dirt mounds to wooden ramps. Tight cornering and fast racing action over several motos produce the finalists and the quickest kids in the World.

All racers are treated to a celebratory podium award ceremony immediately following their main race, where they will receive either a trophy or a medal and pose for the crowd of proud parents, spectators and media pack.

As one parent put it, “My son loves his Strider Bike and this event has given him a great way to race, go fast, and feel like a big kid without having to navigate pedals. The atmosphere is incredible and the kids seem to make new friends from all over the world, hanging around at the start”

Strider UK run a series of races for Strider owners and participating in any of the UK Cup Races automatically qualifies the rider for the Strider Cup World Championship.

The 2019 Strider Cup Worlds will take place in Charlotte, North Carolina.

To join in with Strider and their exclusive events programme visit

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