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15 May 2024

A new report released on behalf of the Retail Sector Council has outlined the work that the industry is doing to create more career opportunities for people that would otherwise be...

14 May 2024

A family of booklovers are moving from Australia to become the new owners of an independent bookshop in Halifax.

14 May 2024

Worldpay’s 2024 Global Payments Report has revealed a transformative shift where consumer choice is not just influencing but dictating the future of commerce.

13 May 2024

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has called on grocers to prioritise accurate pricing following a review of the way in-store prices are displayed.

13 May 2024

Independent businesses in Leicester have praised the “uniqueness” of the city and its "vibrant" atmosphere after the news that M&S was set to close drew a...

1 May 2024

Small shops have been more "agile" at fighting COVID sale slumps than chain stores, according to a new report.

29 Apr 2024

A Peterborough store stocking products solely from local entrepreneurs said it is bucking the High Street trend and looking to expand due to its success.

29 Apr 2024

BIRA is giving independent businesses across the UK a powerful new resource with the launch of its “High Street Matters” podcast.

29 Apr 2024

The Guardian has reported independent shopkeepers saying prices they pay at Tesco’s cash-and-carry arm Booker are often higher than in Tesco’s stores.

18 Apr 2024

Independent record stores around the country are preparing to celebrate all things vinyl for this year’s Record Store Day on Saturday April 20th. 

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Indie retailers outperformed supermarkets in sales of organic food, wellness and beauty products in 2023.

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As reported by Healthstores UK, new data contained in the 2024 Soil Association Organic Market report shows that independent retailers delivered an impressive 10% growth in 2023, with organic retail sales in the independent channel totalling £475 million. Across all retail channels organic was up 2% in 2023. 

Infinity Foods

While high inflation fuelled much of this growth, half the independent retailers surveyed also sold more organic goods than the year before. And there is positivity for the future as inflation eases and shopper confidence returns. More than two-thirds of independent retailers expect positive sales in 2024, reporting that the organic message chimes with customers’ concerns around key issues like health and sustainability. 

Health stores reported that organic beauty and wellbeing and supplements categories were performing especially well – which aligns with a wider focus on family health. 

The report shows that independents worked hard to deliver value for money to their customers during a deep and prolonged cost-of-living crisis. 

Healthstores UK cites Unicorn Grocery in Manchester, which cut prices on everyday organic essentials and explicitly compared RRPs to the supermarkets’ to highlight value – often coming in cheaper than bigger retailers. To drive home the organic message staff also signposted the benefits of organic, and local provenance of produce, around the store. This was rewarded by improved footfall and customer spend – particularly around organic fruit and vegetables. 

Infinity Foods in Brighton meanwhile launched a new Community Card which enables customers earn points every time they shop, which gives them extra offers or money off their shop. 


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