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19 Jan 2021

The Greeting Card Association (GCA) have created a 2021 Valentines Day Toolkit, with the aim of helping retailers promote Valentine's Day in their stores and online.

18 Jan 2021

The Welsh Government has published a white paper setting out its plans for a Clean Air (Wales) Bill, to protect the health of the nation and ecosystems from pollutants in the atmosphere. ...

15 Jan 2021

Following today's Supreme Court ruling tens of thousands of small businesses will receive insurance payouts covering losses from the first national lockdown.

14 Jan 2021

The aim of Hubtiger is to help bike shops do better business by improving workshop efficiency, increasing revenue and enhancing the customer experience.

13 Jan 2021

The increase in the SUCB charge will not result in a cost increase for retailers.

13 Jan 2021

Can you answer these three quick questions to help us gauge how the cycling industry has fared throughout Christmas 2020 in comparison to Christmas 2019?

13 Jan 2021

Cash is a necessity millions couldn't live without, will you sign the voluntary cash pledge?

11 Jan 2021

Maybe* share how they will achieve their 2021 to improve insights using opportunities spotted in their own data

6 Jan 2021

Buyerdock, the new online platform to help buyers find exciting new shelf ready products, have now opened the platform to independent retailers.

6 Jan 2021

After installing a 24 hour free E bike charging system at their shop in Betws y Coed, Beics Betws decided to encourage other businesses to offer a similar service.

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Indie Retail UK partners with TraffikFlo to help independent retailers manage social distancing

Posted on in Business News , Cycles News

TraffikFlo_LOGOIndie Retail are delighted to announce a partnership between themselves and the app-controlled window display sign TraffikFlo, enabling more shops to simply and effectively manage social distancing

Indie Retail is managed by the Independent Retailers Confederation (IRC), a well-established organisation that represents c.100,000 independent retailers throughout the UK. To help independent retailers in adapting throughout COVID-19 to remain profitable whilst maintaining store safety, Indie Retail has partnered with TraffikFlo.

TraffikFlo is designed to increase foot traffic by letting customers know when the shop is open for business and safe to come in. The green light reassures window shoppers and passersby that you are not at capacity and they are welcome inside. The red light communicates to customers when you have reached your Social Distancing capacity.

The social distancing solution originated in Canada and has proven to have great success so far; Katharine Tutko of MoonBeam Books, said of the product:

"This brilliant sign helps our shoppers know when our store is at capacity, so we keep our numbers in the store safe for everyone shopping."

The app is now coming to the UK to help retailers manage store capacity as they begin to reopen for the Christmas period. TraffikFlo is controlled by an app that can be downloaded through either Google Play or the App Store and syncs via Bluetooth®. Alternatively, the sign can be controlled through the Chrome web browser at For added security, access is controlled through using a personal pin number.

For more details about the product visit our website here.

The RRP for TraffikFlo is £99 but you can now get your hands on the social distancing tech for just £89 when purchased via Indie Retail.

To get started visit the Indie Retail website and complete the form at the bottom of the page. We will then get back to you with a code enabling you to claim your £10 discount!

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