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22 Apr 2021

Maybe* investigate how Aldi used their #freecuthbert campaign to drive social media engagement and brand sentiment.

22 Apr 2021

Total online job ads hit 100% of their February 2020 average level, a rise of three percentage points from a week earlier. If you're looking to take on new staff look no further than the ACT job...

22 Apr 2021

Members of the IRC and wider retail industry comes together to tackle verbal and physical abuse against shopworkers  

14 Apr 2021

Maybe* take a look at how two independent businesses have used social media tactics to drive their businesses forwards.

14 Apr 2021

High streets across England and Wales have witnessed an immediate comeback in footfall as non-essential retailers reopened on Monday for the first time in over three months.

13 Apr 2021

The DfT has announced £18 million for Bikeability cycling proficiency training scheme, which fits in well with Local Bike Shop Day's aims of encouraging children to cycle back to school

9 Apr 2021

The APPGCW's e-scooter trials meeting will take place on 23rd April, and the special event with Jeremy Vine, Isabel Hardman and Peter Walker about their recent book releases will be on 29th...

8 Apr 2021

The latest UK economic data has been significantly better than expected; check out key insights from the new research.

7 Apr 2021

Despite warnings from leading industry bodies the MHCLG have now confirmed that the simplified planning process for retail to residential conversions will be going ahead

7 Apr 2021

Maybe* take a look at how two independent businesses have used social media tactics to drive their businesses forwards.

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ACT is key partner in #BikeIsBest campaign to promote cycling development

Posted on in Business News , Cycles News

The ACT are proud to once again be supporting the #BikeIsBest campaign, although this time round bringing more to the table as a key partner.

The Bike is Best campaign was initially started back in May 2020, with the aim to unite leading cycling brands, retailers and organisations in joint campaign to show the UK public that #BikeIsBest and inspire a new demographic to take up cycling.

The campaign's hero film amassed over 3.1 million views on YouTube, with an advertising campaign securing over 18 million impressions and 32 million impacts across TV and billboards.

The award-winning successful industry-backed #BikeIsBest campaign is now back for 2021.

Fusion Media, who coordinated the #BikeIsBest campaign, have now formed the Cycling Marketing Board, a marketing communications agency specializing in cycling, and is paid for by bicycle brands, retailers and organizations to "entice new consumers to cycling, and diversify cycling's image with governments and in the media."

The move to form the Cycling Marketing Board comes after Bike is Best's research showed the huge potential in engaging new audiences, many introduced to cycling through the COVID-19 pandemic. Data showed that new cyclists were 59% male and 41% female, with women having been twice as likely to get on a bike during the pandemic. New cyclists were twice as likely to be from a BAME group. Furthermore, 29% of new cyclists expect to buy an e-bike in the future.

#BikeIsBest_BillBoard Live_2As the UK's largest cycle trade organisation the ACT have volunteered to support the campaign as much as possible. The membership organisation represents the interests of over 4,000 businesses involved in the cycle industry through promotion, business support and skills development. This provides a unique role in informing the trade of key movements that can benefit the industry as a whole.

The ACT's primary partnership role in the campaign will be to ensure that we not only see the UK public benefit from all of the campaign's hard work, but that these advantages are in-turn passed along to the IBD.

The campaign has already welcomed further support from even more industry partners, as well as third parties who are supporting the aims through promotion and advertising space. The ACT believes that this year's coordination and marketing efforts mean that the campaign will be more impactful than ever.

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