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27 Apr 2021

Defra has just confirmed that the amendments to the Single Use Carrier Bags Charges (England) Order 2015 will not be coming into force on 30th April 2021 as originally...

26 Apr 2021

A summary of what each party's manifesto will mean for small shops ahead of the Welsh Parliamentary elections on 6th May.

23 Apr 2021

A summary of what each party's manifesto will mean for small shops ahead of the Scottish Parliamentary elections on 6th May.

22 Apr 2021

Maybe* investigate how Aldi used their #freecuthbert campaign to drive social media engagement and brand sentiment.

22 Apr 2021

Total online job ads hit 100% of their February 2020 average level, a rise of three percentage points from a week earlier. If you're looking to take on new staff look no further than the ACT job...

22 Apr 2021

Members of the IRC and wider retail industry comes together to tackle verbal and physical abuse against shopworkers  

14 Apr 2021

Maybe* take a look at how two independent businesses have used social media tactics to drive their businesses forwards.

14 Apr 2021

High streets across England and Wales have witnessed an immediate comeback in footfall as non-essential retailers reopened on Monday for the first time in over three months.

13 Apr 2021

The DfT has announced £18 million for Bikeability cycling proficiency training scheme, which fits in well with Local Bike Shop Day's aims of encouraging children to cycle back to school

9 Apr 2021

The APPGCW's e-scooter trials meeting will take place on 23rd April, and the special event with Jeremy Vine, Isabel Hardman and Peter Walker about their recent book releases will be on 29th...

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National Bicycle Tyre Recycling Scheme hits 200 sites

Posted on in Business News , Cycles News

The National Bicycle Tyre Recycling Scheme has announced that they now have 200 collection sites (or Velorim Centres) across England, Scotland, and Wales. It has taken just five months since launch to reach the milestone towards their target of 1000 collection points by then end of 2021.

The recycling scheme, which is run by Velorim Limited, aims to reduce the estimated 44,000 tonnes of scrap bike tyres and inner tubes that end up in landfill every year in the UK alone. Alongside many, many, environmentally conscious stores, service engineers and bicycle recycling charities several of the regional retail chains are on-board including Cycle King, Trek Bikes, Rutland Cycling, Balfes Bikes and Leisure Lakes Bikes; as are some of the national hire schemes including Nextbike and Beryl Bikes.

Commenting on achieving this landmark, Velorim CEO, Dave Hawthorn stated, "We are truly delighted that such a large proportion of the cycle trade has embraced the scheme so enthusiastically. It is important though, that as many as possible do their part by joining the scheme, particularly as much of the down-stream recycling and reprocessing operations are volume-dependent. The more tyres we collect - the more sustainable the whole scheme becomes."

Businesses that agree to become Velorim Centres do so at zero net cost to them, being able to pass on a Recycling Levy to their customers. Madison UK, who have agreed to sponsor the trade launch of the scheme, are providing eye-catching point-of-sale merchandise to help convey this message to customers. This is currently available free of charge, another reason to sign-up sooner rather than later.

It is expected that Velorim Centres are likely to benefit from a heightened environmental profile, not to mention increased footfall, particularly when planned legislation is passed that with prohibit any other form of disposal.

Bike shops, service engineers, hire schemes and bicycle recycling centres in certain parts of the country have already started receiving email invitations to join the scheme, as regional logistics hubs are being established. Also, a poll is underway in Northern Ireland where businesses are being asked to signal their intent to get involved once the service is deployed across the Irish Sea. Those who haven't already responded need to reply to the email with the non-binding phrase ‘Count Me In' to receive further information.

"It is still early days," the Velorim CEO concluded, "And there is still much to do, but with the continued support of all parts of the UK cycle trade together we can Make Cycling Green."

You can find out more about the scheme by visiting

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