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2 Apr 2020

The National Living Wage and National Minimum Wage rates increased yesterday, following recommendations made to the Government by the Low Pay Commission

1 Apr 2020

If you are an NHS or Key Worker get in touch with Freewheel for a free care package worth £100!

1 Apr 2020

Decarbonising transport: setting the challenge states the current challenges and steps to be taken when developing the transport decarbonisation plan.

31 Mar 2020 | 2 comments

As Local Bike Shop Day is a day encompassing the whole trade, the final judgement was given to the bike shops that had signup to take part. Out of all the respondents the overwhelming majority -...

31 Mar 2020

The Treasury Select Committee led by Mel Stride MP, has challenged the Association of British Insurers (ABI) regarding the support offered to business via their members, with specific regard to...

30 Mar 2020

According to the Northern Ireland Executive Office, bicycle shops are included on the list of essential shops that "can continue to operate but are under a legal duty to adopt social distancing...

27 Mar 2020

ActSmart partner NearSt introduce the option to add WhatsApp chat functionality on your NearSt shop page!

27 Mar 2020

eBay has today pledged to support small business owners by offering a 30day payment holiday for existing sellers and is waiving fees for all new businesses registering to list or sell until...

27 Mar 2020

UK VAT registered business with VAT payments due between 20 March 2020 and 30 June 2020 have the option to defer the payment until a later date or pay the VAT due as normal

27 Mar 2020

Check if you could be covered by the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

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The latest Covid-19 information from ActSmart

Posted on

ActSmart are providing regular updates on the Coronavirus.

The following information has been published as of today's date. To read the full list of updates visit the ActSmart website here.

ActSmart have been working with partner members of the Independent Retailers Confederation (IRC) to bring you the most up to date retail focussed advice, particular credit is due to the Association of Convenience Stores, our leading IRC political advocacy partner, for their input.


Business Closures

Published 24th March

The Prime Minister's announcement last night stated that non-essential businesses and premises must now close.

You can read the Government guidance here.

Ban on Commercial Tenant Evictions for 3 Months

Published 24th March

The Government brought forward emergency legislation to bar evictions of commercial tenants for 3 months, to support firms struggling with rental payments ahead of the quarterly deadline this week. This is not a rental holiday. Landlords are still owed rent and, should this not be paid once this clause of legislation has lapsed, will be able to claim for forfeiture. This approach encourages businesses that are in a position to make their rent payment to do so, whilst providing three months' grace to those that are struggling.

Coronavirus Bill

Published 24th March

The Coronavirus Bill begun its debate stages in Parliament yesterday. The Bill is being fast-tracked as emergency legislation and is expected to be formally passed later this week. The Bill is relevant for all UK nations. All measures in the Bill will be time-limited for two years. The Bill will allow the Government to proceed with previously announced policies to; establish a rebate system for retailers to reclaim sick pay costs, require food supply chain business to share data when requested and powers for the Government to; order premises to close to help restrict COVID-19.


CMA Covid-19 Taskforce

Published 24th March

The CMA has launched a taskforce in response to the Covid-19 taskforce. One of the key focus areas of the taskforce is to: "Scrutinise market developments to identify harmful sales and pricing practices as they emerge." More details on the taskforce is available here.

Social Distancing

Published 24th March

The Government are in the process of developing social distancing guidance for retailers that continue to trade. Fundamentally this means maintaining a 2 metre distance between customers and between customers and colleagues. We advise that members consider introducing floor markings and vertical signage showing customers where and how to queue.

Contactless Limit Raised

Published 24th March

Payment providers across the UK have upped their contactless payment limits from £30 to £45 in an effort to help customers cut down on cash usage. This will come into effect from the 1st April.


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