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14 Nov 2018

Read about the 2018 Best Small Shops Competition right here

12 Nov 2018

The UK consumer landscape is one that is reshaping and remoulding itself all the time

12 Nov 2018

London's High Streets are struggling with the retail landscape moving into the online space

12 Nov 2018

The Cycling Industry Club is creating a new body within them, the Cycling Industries Europe

9 Nov 2018

With the new budgey plan being released at the end of October, read all about it and more here.

3 Nov 2018

With the new budget plan being released at the end of October, read all about it and more here

1 Nov 2018

The government is finally getting involved and taking a step in the right direction 

25 Sep 2018

It's not too late for you, your staff and customers to get involved

24 Sep 2018

Chains and independent businesses have been forced to close in the last year

24 Sep 2018

To assist in green last mile delivery

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Bike Rental Manager - special offer for ACT members

Posted on in Cycles News

Bike Rental Manager are giving ACT members access to an exclusive offer, worth up to £229.

Bike Rental Manager (BRM) was built from the ground up by a bike rental operator to make the task of providing bike rental as easy as it possibly can be.

Now in its 7th year BRM is in over 20 countries and processes over £12million of bike rentals each year.


"We have found the product works extremely well, even on busy weekends..." Paul Archer, Rutland Cycling


The benefits:

  • take online bookings direct from your site. Seamlessly integrate your live availability
  • track each rental, payments etc
  • integrated maintenance
  • automatically generate rental contracts
  • automated alerts, communications with your customers

Get off spreadsheets and into the 21st century!

In an exclusive partnership, BRM is pleased to now offer FREE Priority Setup for all ACT members worth up to £229.

Please quote "ACT" when purchasing BRM.

Click here to find out more


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