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21 Apr 2020

While bicycle shops in the UK were always permitted to remain open, bicycle shops in Germany have also recently been reopened, as well as an increase in open shops in the US

17 Apr 2020

The Big Bike Revival for Key Workers scheme provides funding and supportso that independent bike shops, recycling centres and bike mechanics can offer free services to key workers.

17 Apr 2020

The map now has over 1,000 open bike shops listed on it that are all providing services during COVID-19 to support people and key workers with transport and exercise needs.

15 Apr 2020

Initially introduced in Manchester, Coronavirus car-free zones are now being introduced in both Brighton and London to give cyclists and pedestrians exclusive access to roads.

14 Apr 2020

How fraudsters are convincing you to make urgent payments, and some practical security measures to help protect your business and keep your payment control processes robust

9 Apr 2020

The ACT and the BA together have created a tool whereby key workers and others can quickly find open bike shops.

9 Apr 2020

The IRC, has identified that independent retail business owners personally fall through the gap in the Government's Coronavirus Business Support Programme.

6 Apr 2020 | 4 comments

The ACT has initiated a campaign to support retail owners with a scheme comparable to theJob Retention Scheme for our employees.

3 Apr 2020

The Business Secretary has called on high street lenders to ease access to the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loans Scheme (CBILS) for small independent retailers during the crisis.

2 Apr 2020

The National Living Wage and National Minimum Wage rates increased yesterday, following recommendations made to the Government by the Low Pay Commission

Light ahead for bike shops around the world

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On the 23rd March bicycle shops were listed in the UK as one of the retail exceptions deemed necessary to stay open, and they have since remained open throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

While some bicycle shops have voluntarily chosen to take the precautionary measure of closing up shop, over 1,000 bike have remained open to serve the key workers and the public in some way. The need for bicycles during the outbreak has reflected positively in many bike shops sales, with the Brompton CEO estimating that sales in the UK across the industry were probably up by around 15% a week after the lockdown was announced.

While bicycle shops in the UK were always permitted to remain open, bicycle shops have also recently been reopened in Germany. This comes following the news that Germany has flattened the curve of new infections and that it had got the spread under control. According to Bike Europe Germany is Europe's largest e-bike and bicycle market, meaning that the country will provide an important indication on how sales will develop when shops will be allowed to open in other European countries after the Corona crisis.

In addition to this positive news, Quality Bicycle Products (QBP) president Rich Tauer suggested to that perhaps 10% of IBDs across the US are closed, down from estimates of 20-30% a few weeks ago. Tauer said many shops in the US that closed initially have learned how to operate safely and decided to re-open.

Quality Bicycle Products is the largest distributor of bicycle parts and accessories in the bicycle industry, and according to Tauer it is receiving about the same number of dealer orders as before the pandemic but has seen a decline in the size of each order. Other distributors and retailers have shared similar reports.

Alongside posting all relevant daily COVID-19 Updates , the ACT has provided a number of relevant resources to bicycle shops that are choosing to stay open during this time. Bicycle shops can also confirm their opening status at: so as to enable key workers and others who need their bikes fixed for essential journeys, or for exercise, to quickly locate retailers and repairers who are open for business at

In light of this news, it seems there are many reasons for bicycle shops to remain positive throughout this global pandemic. As sellers of a product that is essential for contactless transport and in high-demand for exercise use there is opportunity for bicycle shops to not only survive but even to thrive.


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