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22 Mar 2024

Rob Brown, co-director of Dalby Forest Cycle Hub, a not-for-profit hire scheme has been nominated for the Tourism Superstar 2024 award, run by VisitEngland.

21 Mar 2024

ACS (The Association of Convenience Stores) and the Federation of Independent Retailers (The Fed) have both welcomed a new report published by the Association of Police and Crime...

21 Mar 2024

As reported by Healthstores UK, new data contained in the 2024 Soil Association Organic Market report shows that independent retailers delivered an impressive 10% growth in 2023, with...

21 Mar 2024

An independent bottle shop and bar in Cheltenham has been named as the UK's Independent Beer and Wine Retailer of the Year 2024 at the Drinks Retailing Awards. 

21 Mar 2024

A number of organisations, including Bira (the British Independent Retailers’ Association), other trade associations, BIDs and unions have met with officials from the Welsh Government to...

21 Mar 2024

The British Independent Retailers’ Association (Bira) has reacted to data released by PwC and the Local Data Company exploring the state of the UK retail landscape.

8 Mar 2024

Daniel Blackham, editor of industry magazine BikeBiz, has been writing about his experience of completing the Cytech technical one qualification at training provider Spokes People in Milton...

6 Mar 2024

Cytech partner Activate Cycle Academy, the largest and most recognised training provider of bike maintenance and technical training courses to the UK’s cycle industry, recently welcomed a...

6 Mar 2024

The Greeting Card Association has reacted to a BBC Panorama programme lifting the lid on Royal Mail management prioritising parcel delivery over letters, which it says are in contradiction of...

4 Mar 2024

Pop star Kate Bush has been announced as an ambassador for this year's Record Store Day, on 20 April.

North Yorkshire cycle hub up for top tourism award

Posted on in Business News , Cycles News by Dalby Forest Cycle Hub

Updated on 27 Mar 2024

Rob BrownRob Brown, co-director of Dalby Forest Cycle Hub, a not-for-profit hire scheme has been nominated for the Tourism Superstar 2024 award, run by VisitEngland.

Mr Brown said he becomes "part of the lives" of people he helps and was "amazed" to be nominated.

However, he said he hoped the nomination might "raise awareness" of the cycling scheme.

"There will be people who need help and we want to help them to get out and have fun," he said.

"That's what it's all about for me, making that happen for people."

One of the people helped by Mr Brown is Roger Barker from Scarborough who suffered a brain stem stroke four years ago.

"Rob introduced me to the recumbent trike and brought me out here into the forest," he said.

"Rob's an amazing chap. He helps so many people, some a lot worse off than me, but there's a lot of equipment to help anyone with any type of disability."

Mr Barker, 72, said he wanted to pay tribute to Mr Brown.

"I'd like to say to him thank you for all the time you've spent encouraging me and helping me to be able do all the things I can do now, that I would never have thought I could do," he said.

Mr Brown said the scheme had a "huge range of adapted bikes" which helped people with "all sorts of restrictions" on the type of bicycle they could normally ride.

"If one doesn't work we'll find another one that does," he added.

Members of the Coastline Sight and Hearing group are also among those to have benefitted.

David Tayne, 59, from the group said: "With us all being visually impaired we need the support to do it."

Mr Tayne explained that volunteers ran alongside the trikes to guide them were to go.

He added: "Without Rob I just wouldn't be able to ride a bike. He should get this award." Craig Alverton, from Scarborough, a former soldier injured in Ireland in 1998, said: "I got brain damage, many broken bones, and lost my eyesight."

"It makes such a difference to be able to get out of the house, instead of being stuck in the four walls," the 45-year-old said.

"We're out on the bikes in the open in fresh air."

You can find out more on VisitEngland's website. Voting closed on March 24th.

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