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16 Jul 2020

The next phase will involve helping local authorities to feel confident in implementing new cycling measures and making it clear on the national narrative that there is a large unmet demand for...

15 Jul 2020 | 1 comment

The Government have recently made a number of announcements on their plans for the UK's EU exit on December 31st 2020 when the transition period ends.

15 Jul 2020

Our ‘Meet the Innovators' series will highlight some of the small shops that did something special during this difficult time, starting with Jacobs the Jewellers, who are based in Reading.

15 Jul 2020

Complete the survey now to help inform our lobbying with Government, provide us with an idea of what is happening across the market and bringsome much needed media attention to the plight of...

13 Jul 2020

Following the recent Government announcement pledging extra investment and funding for businesses hiring an apprentice, Cytech training provider Activate Cycle Academy (formerly ATG Training) will...

9 Jul 2020

With the additional Government funding and Activate Cycle Academy's launch of a brand new apprenticeship standard for bicycle mechanics there has never been a better time to take on an apprentice...

8 Jul 2020

The Competition and Markets Authority is leading a Digital Markets Taskforce to provide advice to the Government on the potential design and implementation of pro-competitive measures for...

8 Jul 2020

Coronavirus is clearly having a huge impact on retail workers but one ofthe impacts that is often overlooked is its effect on the mental wellbeing of those working in our stores.

7 Jul 2020

The Government has now published its response to the Call for Evidence on Violence and Abuse towards shop staff which closed in June 2019.

2 Jul 2020 | 1 comment

Innovative indie retailers who adapt their business to combat the impact of Covid-19 are to be recognised in a special category in Britain's Best Small Shops competition 2020

#BikeIsBest to enter next stage of campaign

Posted on in Business News , Cycles News

The #BikeIsBest campaign was first launched on the 11th June when the ACT and 50 other industry organisations join forces to launch "the most extensive coordinated promotional campaign for cycling since the 1970s".

The campaign has so far had great success in engaging potential cyclists digitally as well as through placing billboards in key cities. The #BikeIsBest video has so far had 8.5 million unique viewers across all channels.

The #BikeIsBest campaign will now be moving forward to the next phase, which involves helping local authorities to feel confident in implementing new cycling measures and making it clear on the national narrative that there is a large unmet demand for cycling and that the time for change is now.

With this in mind, #BikeIsBest are now working with Dr Ian Walker and YouGov on commissioned research which would quantify the number of "Interested but concerned" potential cyclists there are in the UK. Based on research in Portland, Oregon, the figure is approximately 60% of the population.

There is a building narrative that infrastructure won't be used and most have returned to their usual travel patterns. Local authorities that have put in bike lanes are under pressure to revert to the status quo; #BikeIsBest aim to give them statistical confidence and build a new narrative that it is our civic duty to build cycling infrastructure and meet this demand.

Research will be undertaken to try and calculate how this demand would positively affect NHS/public health, congestion and economic recovery to really hit home the message that Bike Is Best. This narrative can then be used through PR to place time pressure on authorities to roll out temporary measures as quickly as possible.

This research will be backed up by a form of shareable petition/pledge mechanism that will help to maximise the organic reach potential on social (while capturing data of interested/new cyclists).

The next phase of the #BikeIsBest campaign will likely launch next week, the ACT will update our members as and when it launches.


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