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24 Apr 2020 | 1 comment

Following the sudden demand for bicycles the ACT is making a big shout out to technicians that are free to take on bike building work now

23 Apr 2020

This guidance is designed to inform retailers about best practice on offering and processing ‘card not present' payments during the Covid-19 outbreak.

21 Apr 2020

While bicycle shops in the UK were always permitted to remain open, bicycle shops in Germany have also recently been reopened, as well as an increase in open shops in the US

20 Apr 2020

As of today employers can make a claim through the Job Retention Scheme if they have put their employees on temporary leave (furlough) because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

17 Apr 2020 | 1 comment

The Big Bike Revival for Key Workers scheme provides funding and supportso that independent bike shops, recycling centres and bike mechanics can offer free services to key workers.

17 Apr 2020

The map now has over 1,000 open bike shops listed on it that are all providing services during COVID-19 to support people and key workers with transport and exercise needs.

16 Apr 2020

Sustrans have created an online map that allows key workers find bike offers and services in their area

15 Apr 2020

Initially introduced in Manchester, Coronavirus car-free zones are now being introduced in both Brighton and London to give cyclists and pedestrians exclusive access to roads.

14 Apr 2020

How fraudsters are convincing you to make urgent payments, and some practical security measures to help protect your business and keep your payment control processes robust

9 Apr 2020

The ACT and the BA together have created a tool whereby key workers and others can quickly find open bike shops.

The ACT: Bike Builders needed now

Posted on in Cycles News

workshop survey 2008Cytech and the ACT estimate that there are up to 20,000 bicycles awaiting delivery and building, which are either already sold or committed to by consumers in the UK.

The sudden demand from essential workers and the significant adoption of cycling for exercise, travel and family leisure during the pandemic, further fuelled by the unseasonally good weather is putting an extreme demand upon the industry.

Although there are growing concerns about stock supply the big bottle neck in getting the nation back onto bikes is the lack of resources to get them built and ready for customers.

The pandemic first began to impact the UK in late February, a seasonal low for the industry and well ahead of the normal recruitment drive for technicians. This has been further impacted by the large numbers of the general public who have dragged old and weary bikes out of sheds and garages to be made road worthy again. This demand has put huge pressures upon retail workshops with many reporting working into the night to deliver bikes back to customers in a timely fashion.

Whilst technicians are repairing they aren't building and the delay in supply is impacting even essential workers getting cycling. The ACT was contacted directly by nurse Shanee Franklin complaining that she was having to wait over 2 weeks to receive a built bike.

The ACT is therefore making a big shout out to technicians that are free to take on bike building work now. If you are not currently working in the trade, but would like to return or perhaps you or furloughed and would like to make some additional income during your furlough period the UK bike trade and essential workers need your help NOW!

Priority can be given to candidates with Cytech qualifications Level 1 and above as your skills are validated by qualification, but all candidates with proven and ideally recent PDI experience should apply.

Please refer to the jobs board here.

Retailers with technician requirements can place adverts on the Cytech, ACT, ActSmart and Indie Retail jobs boards, free to ACT members.

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Is this an advert for Evans?

Finlay Paton, 27 Apr 2020

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