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30 Sep 2020

There is an official form you can send to your credit company to claim back for your dropped credit score

25 Sep 2020

It is now compulsory for all retail workers in England to wear face masks from today, Indie Retail has created a Face Covering Poster for shops to display outside to inform customers and staff...

24 Sep 2020

4 out of 5 consumers use Google search engines to find information like store address, hours, and directions. But will they find yours?

24 Sep 2020

The NHS Covid-19 contact tracing app is due to be launched on 24 September in England and Wales. To use the contact tracing app businesses will need to download and display QR codes.

23 Sep 2020

In the latest demonstration of their insight tool Maybe* are showing businesses how to replicate Gymshark's successful tactics to improve results and increase ROI.

20 Sep 2020

The ACT's new infographic that helps you to know what to look out for when choosing the right finance provider

16 Sep 2020

Maybe*'s latest video on helping Local Authorities and Bids to upskill their businesses in social media so that they have the tools they need to engage online and drive sales in the lead up to...

15 Sep 2020

Local Bike Shop Day's postponed date of 5th September was the perfect time to celebrate the recent upturn in cycling and draw attention to allthat local bike shops have done for us throughout...

15 Sep 2020

Read which lucky bike shops and customers were chosen to receive Local Bike Shop Day prizes

14 Sep 2020

The Government has launched a consultation on changes to benefit active travel by introducing the notion of a hierarchy of road users into the Highway Code. This webinar brings together the Highway...

Businesses with a credit rating drop since COVID-19 can now make a claim to their insurers

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Many businesses, suppliers in partcalculator-icular, have found that their credit rating has been dropped since COVID-19.

There is an official form you can send to your credit company to claim back for your dropped credit score. An example can be seen here, although each provider will have their own version.

Your claim will be that you believe the government system to help businesses (Government Protection for Trade Credit Insurance) covers you. They are duty bound to act on this request.

To claim you must have been feasible pre-covid, your cover should be given back and should the worse happen and your business fails, the government will cover the liability.

The government are guaranteeing support until the end of December, but are discussing plans to extend until end of March 2020.

Should you need any help in acquiring the form from your insurers or are finding it difficult to get in touch with them members are asked to contact Graham Walsh ( and Ben Leich ( with details of the refusals or pushback that you're receiving from insurance providers.

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