Subscription comparison

Subscriber service Key benefit My ActSmart My ActSmart Bronze Icon Bronze Subscription Gold Icon Gold Subscription Platinum Icon Platinum Subscription
Business Directory   Free B2B promotion for retailers, suppliers and service providers from multiple sectors Yes Yes Yes Yes
Business Finance   Short-term unsecured business loans Yes Yes Yes Yes
Business Rates Recovery   Reduce your business rates - free consultation and 20% discount on fees Yes Yes Yes Yes
Business Support   Free information and advice from the ActSmart team helping to keep you and your business one step ahead
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Consumer Engagement - BookAShop
  Eliminating queues for a bespoke shopping experience
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Consumer Promotion   Promote your business to thousands of consumers every month
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Electricity and Gas   Save money on business energy costs  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Employment Manual   Helping you take control of employment issues Yes Yes Yes Yes

Foreign Exchange

  Highly competitive exchange rates and low-cost transfer fees Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pensions   Make sure your business fulfils its obligations Yes Yes Yes Yes
Political Advocacy   Working for the interests of independent retailers Yes Yes Yes Yes
Stationery and POS   Specially designed to increase profitability and professionalism Yes Yes Yes Yes
Card Processing - Global Payments   Free account setup worth £150 and ongoing preferential rates No Yes Yes Yes
Card Processing - Paya Card   Pay-as-you-go account, ideal for start-ups and small businesses No Yes Yes Yes
Job Advertising   Unlimited free jobs promotion - fill your vacancies fast across multiple platforms No No Yes Yes
Legal Helplines   Professional qualified advice comes as standard, unlimited access 24 hours a day No No Yes Yes
Tax Investigation Protection   Protection in the event of a PAYE or a VAT inspection - worth £150 P.A No No Yes Yes
Telecoms & Broadband   Independent review of the market to find you the best deal. Never beaten on price guarantee
No Yes Yes Yes
Association Membership  Cycles Service only available to cycle businesses Dedicated support in your specialist sector No No Yes Yes

Bespoke Legal Advice


Friendly, professional legal service tailored to your needs 

No No Yes Yes
Brand and Product Promotion Service only available to suppliers Promote your brands to trade and consumers online
No No Yes Yes
Business Insurance   Bespoke insurance with up to 15% discount No No Yes Yes
Consumer Engagement - NearSt   The digital solution driving footfall back to the high street No No Yes Yes
E-commerce   Start doing business online with a fully transactional website - ½ price set-up worth £150 No No Yes Yes
Email Marketing
  100% GDPR compliant mailshot service with free set up for subscribers No No Yes Yes
Partner Finance Promotions Service only available to suppliers Sell more of your brands with retail finance No No Yes Yes
Retail Finance   Increase your sales and maximise customer spend No No Yes Yes
Training Cycles Service only available to cycle businesses Invest in your greatest asset and get 10% discount on Cytech technical training No No Yes Yes
Platinum Business Promotion   Preferential ranking in all business and consumer promotional listings No No No Yes