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Sell more of your brands with retail finance

If you are a supplier of large ticket items to the cycles and outdoor pursuits market, you can create consumer promotions via your dealer base using retail finance.

Empowering brand owners

One of the biggest challenges for a brand owner is how to influence a consumer's purchasing decisions on the shop floor.

  • How to influence which products are given prime promotion?
  • How to create momentum around new initiatives or product launches?
  • How to better ensure selling up price points? 
  • How to ease sell through of old ranges, without encouraging price promotion and margin loss?

Partner Finance Promotions (PFPS) provide a low level marketing cost solution as opposed to potentially expensive product discount promotions and/or other above the line strategies. 

Suppliers dictate the products, the finance promotion, the timescale and the dealers who may participate. Use the PFPS calculator below to help determine what APR, terms and percentage of the subsidy works best for you.   

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