Key Contacts

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With the ActSmart Key Contacts section you can put a name to a face. It provides details of ActSmart staff who you'll regularly speak to. These people are experts in their fields and are available to give you advice, answer queries or just fill you in on what's happening.

Sales & Service

Chris Hall, Director

I work closely with our partners to ensure all ActSmart subscribers receive the best possible benefits, whilst looking for new opportunities to add to our range of services. I am also responsible for growing the ActSmart community and I am always happy to speak with existing or potential subscribers to discuss the extensive range of services available to help you grow your business.

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Mike Brewer, Sales and Service Executive

As well as recruiting new ActSmart subscribers I help our retailers make the most of their subscriptions. I am always happy to discuss any of our services and take the time to properly analyse how we can help your business.

I welcome any queries about out services and the support we can offer - from members and non-members alike. Please feel free to contact me.

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Rebecca Ridgers, Subscriber Development & Support Executive

My role is to provide day-to-day support to subscribers, offering advice on subscription, the services available and answering general queries using knowledge gained throughout my time at ActSmart.

I also look after the office administration and process all subscriptions and Cytech certifications. The aim is to provide excellent support and ensure that all subscribers are making the most of their subscription and getting value for money, as well as promoting our services to businesses that are not yet part of our expanding subscription base.

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Jonathan Harrison, Director

Jonathan Harrison

I am responsible for the development and management of all operations and IT developments to accommodate the requirements of ActSmart and our growing customer base.

I am in charge of the creation and maintenance of our expanding portfolio of digital platforms and the implementation of any new products and services.

I oversee the marketing department ensuring all outgoing marketing and PR is of the highest standard and maintains a consistent brand identity.

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Dan Roberts, Assistant Brand Manager

My primary responsibility is the creation, development and delivery of marketing strategies to enhance the Cytech brand internationally. I am in charge of maintaining all Cytech platforms including educational content, websites, CRMs and marketing collateral. I communicate regularly with training partners in the UK and overseas to strengthen brand identity and to ensure consistency is retained throughout the Cytech network.

I also assist in general branding and marketing duties for ActSmart.

Feel free to get in touch with any Cytech related queries you may have, I'm happy to help!

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Tabitha Walker, PR & Marketing Executive

I am responsible for the creation, development and delivery of marketing and PR strategies for all services within the ActSmart portfolio, with a particular focus on booost – the loyalty, gifting and promotions app – coming soon.

I manage multiple platforms including websites, CRMs, email marketing and social media accounts as well as writing copy and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders.

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