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Take it outdoors retail finance

Increase your sales and maximise customer spend with Take it outdoors retail finance

Take it outdoors retail finance allows you to offer customers the opportunity to spread the cost of outdoors equipment.

Why offer finance?

  • 75% of customers make their decision on where to shop based on whether interest free credit is available 
  • Take it outdoors scheme accounts for over £135m sales per annum
  • 30% of customers spend more than they normally would have done, had finance not been available
  • 58% of customers would delay their purchase or not make a purchase at all, if finance weren't available

It's no secret that many outdoor pursuits like angling, camping, climbing, skiing etc. all require a substantial initial investment to get started and this can be intimidating to beginners. Even experienced outdoorsmen looking to upgrade their equipment can be put off by the high prices of the latest state-of-the-art technical kit.

By spreading the cost, customers can afford to spend more to get the equipment they really want.

Take it outdoors is a powerful sales tool accessible to all specialist outdoors retailers in the UK*. The scheme has no set-up fee, low subsidy rates and exceptional acceptance rates.

Take it outdoors is available to retailers in the following sectors:

  • Angling
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Snowsports

How can I access Take it outdoors finance?

Retailers signing up for an ActSmart Gold subscription can access the Take it outdoors scheme*.

Click here for more information about retail finance.  

*Acceptance by V12 is subject to terms and conditions, including but not limited to the business declaring a positive net worth and the search results of credit reference agencies. 


Call 01273 427 700 or email info@actsmart.biz for more information.


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