Shop of the Month

Each month the ACT will promote one cycle retailer as the 'Shop of the month' on both trade and consumer facing sites.

The ACT will be honouring one bike shop each month with the title of Shop of the month. This will be decided based on certain criteria (see below) and  representative will review the shop to determine the key features that make it worthy of the title. 


Recognition as the Shop of the Month will mean you will benefit from national promotional on the consumer facing sites, the Cycling Experts and the ACT site. The shop of the month will appear on the home page of each of these sites for the duration of the month and can expect to boost viewings of their promotional listing ten fold. A shop review will also be available throughout the duration of the month on the Cycling Experts. 


To qualify for the ACT's shop of the month, you will need to be a full ACT member (Gold or Platinum ActSmart subscriber in the cycles industry).

If you think your shop deserves to be selected as Shop of the month, contact us and tell us why. 

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