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27 May 2021

The #ShopKind campaign was launched in April with the purpose of spreading awareness of the violence that takes place in shops on a dailybasis.

27 May 2021

Researchby RedEye shows that ecommerce growth will likely continue, after the initial excitement around physical shopping dies down.

26 May 2021

Retail sales in March and April 'better than expected', according to theBritish Retail Consortium's (BRC) Economic Briefing Report reported by

25 May 2021

A member of the GCA, Bexy Boo, has received a letter of thanks from the House of Commons for all the work she has done to support her home town of Knutsford

20 May 2021

Take a look at how ACT partner Maybe* have redesigned their Engage page to make it easier to use and help IBDs to start using social media more efficiently.

20 May 2021

On 22 May, Global Payments are adding multi-factor authentication (MFA) as a new step in the Merchant Portal login process. It's an extra layer of protectionfor your account credentials and...

14 May 2021

The EU's incoming One Stop Shop (OSS) VAT return for e-commerce aims to simplify VAT obligations for companies carrying out cross-border sales of goods and services (mainly online) to...

13 May 2021

ActSmart members will be able to save time and money when offering retail finance with the new Retail Finance Appointed Representative initiative

13 May 2021

ActSmart are partnering with the social media management platform Maybe* in a bid to get more cycling retailers up-to-date in the world of social media

13 May 2021

The Which? Cash Friendly Pledge is a public commitment to show customers that your stores accept cash payments

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ACS 2021 Crime Report now available

Posted on in Business News , Cycles News

IRC member ACS (the Association of Convenience Stores) has now launched their Crime Report 2021 which is available here. The report found that retail crime has a huge economic impact on local shops, costing £142 million, but also a direct impact on people working in shops from violence and verbal abuse.

The report estimates there were over 40,000 incidents of violence and threats in the sector in the last year. 89% of store colleagues experienced verbal abuse; there were over 1.2million incidents with retailers estimating that 21% of these were hate motivated.

The sector has seen over 1.1million incidents of theft in the last year. Retailers attribute 63% of shop thefts to repeat offenders, with the majority of these motivated by a drug or alcohol addiction. Encountering shop thieves is now followed by customers not following covid guidelines and enforcing age-restrictions as top trigger for violence; duties that shopworkers are required by law to enforce.

The report highlights the significant investments convenience retailers are making to protect their colleagues and customers, spending on average, £3,724 per store on CCTV, security staff and other features to reduce crime and prevent violence.

ACS will use the report to communicate the need for action on retail crime with government officials and parliamentarians, as they continue to call for tougher penalties for assaults on retail workers. The Crime Report also provides evidence for much needed action from Police and Crime Commissioners to prioritise retail crime in their Police and Crime Plans, providing a better response at local level.

Alongside the Crime Report, ACS have also published their Crime Guidance 2021. The guidance includes advice for retailers on how to report violent crime, managing workplace safety, scams and fraud, and information on the ShopKind campaign. The Crime Guidance is available here.

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