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13 Jan 2021

The increase in the SUCB charge will not result in a cost increase for retailers.

13 Jan 2021

Can you answer these three quick questions to help us gauge how the cycling industry has fared throughout Christmas 2020 in comparison to Christmas 2019?

13 Jan 2021

Cash is a necessity millions couldn't live without, will you sign the voluntary cash pledge?

11 Jan 2021

Maybe* share how they will achieve their 2021 to improve insights using opportunities spotted in their own data

6 Jan 2021

Buyerdock, the new online platform to help buyers find exciting new shelf ready products, have now opened the platform to independent retailers.

6 Jan 2021

After installing a 24 hour free E bike charging system at their shop in Betws y Coed, Beics Betws decided to encourage other businesses to offer a similar service.

6 Jan 2021

Promoting your investment in Cytech technical training is now easier and more affordable than ever

4 Jan 2021

ActSmart partner Tom Redfern, Founder and Senior Partner at Redfern Legal LLP, investigates ways in which it is still possible to employ a low skills worker who is not a UK national

31 Dec 2020

Examples of the most succesful social media strategies from 2020 and look into what this data show us about consumer trends for 2021

30 Dec 2020

Keeping your business running throughout tougher restrictions will mean adapting current processes, as well as utlising new opportunities.

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Government e-bike subsidies have your say

Posted on in Business News , Cycles News

Febikeollowing multiple stories (cited as rumours) circulated last month about a forthcoming Government subsidy scheme to encourage the purchase and usage of e-bikes, the ACT have been in discussion with several local authorities and IBDs.

As a result of these discussions the ACT would like your opinion, as a bike business, on the level of government support you would like to see for the e-bike market over the next few years.

Whilst the ACT will share the results of this survey with the Department for Transport, it should be made clear that the survey is an initiative the ACT are undertaking, not the DfT.

This survey should take around five minutes to complete and all responses will be kept confidential, meaning no information will be attributed to your business personally.

Thank you for your participation.


Take the survey now


The survey will close at midnight on Tuesday 22nd December 2020.

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