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13 Jan 2021

The increase in the SUCB charge will not result in a cost increase for retailers.

13 Jan 2021

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13 Jan 2021

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11 Jan 2021

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6 Jan 2021

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6 Jan 2021

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6 Jan 2021

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4 Jan 2021

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31 Dec 2020

Examples of the most succesful social media strategies from 2020 and look into what this data show us about consumer trends for 2021

30 Dec 2020

Keeping your business running throughout tougher restrictions will mean adapting current processes, as well as utlising new opportunities.

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Butterworth Spengler Brexit Update: ‘Green Cards' for International Travel

Posted on in Business News ,Brands & Products News , Cycles News , Creative News, Political News

ButterworthButterworth Spengler Spengler have provided an update on the situation regarding the implications of driving outside the UK if a ‘Brexit' deal is not struck, and how this will affect motor insurance.

As a consequence of leaving the European Union (EU), the UK entered a transition period which ends on 31 December 2020.

In the event that there is no agreement on the future relationship between the UK and EU, it is likely there will be a legal requirement to carry a physical document known as a Green Card when driving in Europe.


What this means?

It becomes a legal requirement if you drive your vehicle outside the UK, to carry a Green Card in an EU country or specified EEA countries: - Andorra, Serbia and Switzerland.

The legal requirements of the Green Card system mean that anyone driving abroad under a UK insurance policy must carry a physical Green Card.

Please ensure your drivers are aware they will need to have a hard copy in the vehicle as copies on a phone are not sufficient and will not be accepted.


What is a green card?

In non-EU countries, a green card proves that your insurance provides the minimum level of cover required in the country your drivers are travelling in.

Without a green card, drivers may be refused entry to countries outside of the UK.

Green Cards will need to be applied for in advance and one Green Card will be needed for each vehicle registration, regardless of whether it is part of a fleet.

Special attention will also need to be paid to the differences between countries' rules; for example, trailers and vehicles are usually considered one unit within the UK, but in some EU member states there is a need to specifically state the trailer coverage with an identification number.

Travel between Northern Ireland and Ireland is a particular concern, with a significantly higher number of vehicles regularly crossing the border each day when compared with the UK and Continental Europe.

Not having a Green Card means you would not have proof of insurance and would be in breach of the law.

There is also the likelihood that documentation such as Green Cards will be rigorously checked at border check points.


Future Agreement?

The outcome of Brexit is still undecided, and therefore it remains to be seen whether these new requirements will be put into place or a different set of rules will be needed to be followed.


What do you need to do?

Please contact Butterworth Spengler as soon as possible with details of any intended trip abroad after 31st December. They can then contact your insurers to make arrangements for the issue of the Green Card for your trip.

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