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2 Dec 2020

A refreshed suite of posters developed to support retailers in encouraging shoppers to wear face coverings using behavioural science techniques. The posters are available free of charge for...

2 Dec 2020

Independent bicycle retailers in Bradford, Ipswitch and York have all been commended in this year's search for the Best Small Shop of 2020!

27 Nov 2020

Recent events have once again highlighted the growing concerns centred on the UK's growing use of Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) services.

26 Nov 2020

A family run, independent, home and gift shop in Worcester has been named as Britain's Best Small Shop of 2020.

25 Nov 2020

The Chancellor presented his Spending Review to Parliament today settingout the Government's departmental spending plans for the year ahead andresponse to Coronavirus (Covid-19).

24 Nov 2020

On Monday ACT members were invited to join Maybe* for a free webinar to learn how to optimise social media use.

19 Nov 2020

IRC member enters debate to seek an extension to the moratorium onevictions within the Coronavirus Act 2020. Can you help us...

19 Nov 2020

Indie Retail are delighted to announce a partnership between themselves and the app-controlled window display sign TraffikFlo, enabling more shops to simply and effectively manage social...

18 Nov 2020

ACT members are invited to join Maybe* on Monday 23rd November at 8pm for a webinar to learn how you can optimise your social media use.

17 Nov 2020

V12 Retail Finance have made changes to their application form to improve the customer journey and enable social distancing.

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Businesses with a credit rating drop since COVID-19 can now make a claim to their insurers

Posted on in Business News , Cycles News , Political News

Many businesses, suppliers in partcalculator-icular, have found that their credit rating has been dropped since COVID-19.

There is an official form you can send to your credit company to claim back for your dropped credit score. An example can be seen here, although each provider will have their own version.

Your claim will be that you believe the government system to help businesses (Government Protection for Trade Credit Insurance) covers you. They are duty bound to act on this request.

To claim you must have been feasible pre-covid, your cover should be given back and should the worse happen and your business fails, the government will cover the liability.

The government are guaranteeing support until the end of December, but are discussing plans to extend until end of March 2020.

Should you need any help in acquiring the form from your insurers or are finding it difficult to get in touch with them members are asked to contact Graham Walsh ( and Ben Leich ( with details of the refusals or pushback that you're receiving from insurance providers.

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