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15 Jul 2021

This week Maybe* are introducing you to Wool Warehouse, a crafting havenfor which product is king. Here the owners share their social media tips so that you can learn from their product-led...

15 Jul 2021

Face coverings are no longer required by law but states that government expects and recommends that people continue to wear a face covering in crowed, enclosed spaces. Businesses who want to...

14 Jul 2021

The 12-week programme, which combines online sessions with face-to-face learning, is 90% funded by the Government and has been designed to allowparticipants to complete it alongside full-time...

8 Jul 2021

Business Leader has named Maybe* Founder and CEO, Polly Barnfield, OBE in its list of the top 32 female tech leaders for 2021.

8 Jul 2021

Maybe* have compiled the best posts from the campaign to inspire you to continue the amazing Independents' Day energy across social media all year round

8 Jul 2021

Retailers have until 1st August to sign up on the Local Bike Shop Day website and receive a physical pack in the post to help them promote their business on the day and drive footfall into...

6 Jul 2021

We'd love to see your support for the #BikeIsBest campaign! Send in your shop photos featuring the #BikeIsBest window sticker and/or poster to be posted on the ACT social media channels.

2 Jul 2021

The ACT and Cyclescheme are once again joining forces to make this year's Local Bike Shop Day- on Saturday 28th August - a great success across the nation

1 Jul 2021

The All Party Parliamentary Group for Cycling & Walking (APPGCW) have launched a new inquiry, exploring what the DfT's Cycling & Walking Investment Strategy 2nd version should look like.

1 Jul 2021

NationalCraft Butchers launches the British Butchers Survey, the first ever annual and national survey of the UK's independent Butchers

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Businesses offering retail finance can now save hundreds of pounds per year with ActSmart's new initiative

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ActshoppingSmart subscribers will be able to save time and money when offering retail finance with the new Retail Finance Appointed Representative initiative, meaning they get all the benefits of offering regulated finance with no Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) involvement.

Over the past year retail finance has played a key role in sales throughout the pandemic; when comparing Jan 2020 to Jan 2021 applications to purchase items through retail finance have increased by nearly 50%.

With more businesses realising the value that retail finance can bring to their business, ActSmart has now transformed the process to make it easier and cheaper than ever before. The brand new Retail Finance Appointed Representative service will save ActSmart subscribers both time and money on a yearly basis by removing the FCA acceptance and renewal processes.

Key benefits of the new service include:

  • Offer regulated finance to your customers
  • No initial FCA application fee - save £100
  • No FCA yearly renewal fees (except any incurred prior to being appointed) - save a minimum of £150 per year
  • No FCA paperwork - save time and effort
  • Liaise directly with ActSmart not the FCA
  • Offer finance with no subsidies

For more information and to apply for the Retail Finance Appointed Representative service please visit the ActSmart website here or get in touch at

Please note: Owing to the FCA fee structure and process for changing from a directly authorised business to an Appointed Representative ActSmart will currently be prioritising non-authorised businesses. Businesses that are already directly authorised by the FCA can still take advantage of the cost and time savings by becoming an Appointed Representative but the process will be completed nearer the next FCA reporting period.

All interested businesses should register using the form on this page and we will contact you in due course.

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