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20 Sep 2023

ACT members will benefit from a long term discounted commission of just 3%

15 Sep 2023

The team from Whistler Adventure School (WAS), which recently became the only centre in Canada accredited to offer Cytech technical three, is to deliver a series of free sessions in Scotland,...

13 Sep 2023

The recent pledge by police forces across England and Wales to pursue every lead that holds a reasonable chance of apprehending criminals and solving crimes has been welcomed by Bira, which...

12 Sep 2023

A family-run Liverpool restaurant hidden inside a basement is officially Britain's best vegan venue.

11 Sep 2023

A warning has been issued that shoplifters in the UK are becoming increasingly “emboldened” and appear to be often orchestrated by organised criminal groups, which steal to order,...

11 Sep 2023

It has been suggested that some shop owners may be unaware or unprepared for the upcoming change to regulations on single-use plastics on plates, bowls, trays, containers, cutlery and balloon...

30 Aug 2023

Allwyn, incoming operator of The National Lottery, has urged independent National Lottery retailers to log on to its new online retailer portal via 

30 Aug 2023

Shop owners have expressed scepticism that the Home Secretary's recent call for every theft to be investigated by the police will come to fruition, suggesting that police resources are already...

29 Aug 2023

Consumer confidence is showing “renewed optimism” against a backdrop of falling core inflation, new figures suggest.

29 Aug 2023

Shop owners in a part of Coventry have rallied together to launch a street market, with hopes of boosting the number of people that visit the area.

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Nearly half of customer service staff consider quitting over growing customer abuse

Posted on in Business News

More than two-fifths (44%) of customer service staff are considering leaving their roles due to increasing levels of cost-of-living fuelled abuse from customers.

Not this bread

According to new research from retail analysts at the Institute of Customer Service (ICS), a poll of 1,488 customer-facing staff found that levels of abuse remain high, with nearly half (42%) saying they experienced hostility in the past six months.

Two-thirds (66%) cite the ongoing cost-of-living crisis as a trigger for customer frustrations, and a quarter (25%) expect their role to become more challenging over the next six months.

Reports range from verbal hostility, with 75% experiencing shouting and 60% swearing)l, and more than a quarter of retail staff experienced physical violence.

Back in March, The British Retail Consortium (BRC) warned of “appalling levels” of violence and abuse against retail workers since the Covid-19 pandemic.

Despite the high incidence of hostility, almost half (47%)of those who faced it did not report the incident.

The most common reasons cited were the belief that it would not make a difference and that it happens too regularly to be worth reporting.

Promisingly, nearly a third of those surveyed were aware of the change in law – which came into effect late last year – that makes it an aggravated offence to assault any retail staff member.

However, almost a quarter (23%) still do not feel safe and protected against instances of customer abuse and hostility.

“It’s clear that customer anxiety and frustrations brought on by the cost-of-living crisis are triggering behaviours that echo the hostility suffered by frontline staff during the pandemic,” CEO of the Institute of Customer Service Jo Causon commented.

“We cannot allow such abuse of workers vital to our society to become endemic. I urge organisations to ensure they take this issue seriously and report incidents to the police, and I encourage Government to continue to focus on this issue following the change in the law to sentencing guidance last year.”

Causon said such abuse was making it difficult attract and retain talent.

She added: “I urge employers to join us in adopting a zero-tolerance approach to hostility, and ensuring adequate training and support is available to staff to deal with instances of hostility as and when they arise.”

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