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18 Jan 2021

The Welsh Government has published a white paper setting out its plans for a Clean Air (Wales) Bill, to protect the health of the nation and ecosystems from pollutants in the atmosphere. ...

15 Jan 2021

Following today's Supreme Court ruling tens of thousands of small businesses will receive insurance payouts covering losses from the first national lockdown.

14 Jan 2021

The aim of Hubtiger is to help bike shops do better business by improving workshop efficiency, increasing revenue and enhancing the customer experience.

13 Jan 2021

The increase in the SUCB charge will not result in a cost increase for retailers.

13 Jan 2021

Can you answer these three quick questions to help us gauge how the cycling industry has fared throughout Christmas 2020 in comparison to Christmas 2019?

13 Jan 2021

Cash is a necessity millions couldn't live without, will you sign the voluntary cash pledge?

11 Jan 2021

Maybe* share how they will achieve their 2021 to improve insights using opportunities spotted in their own data

6 Jan 2021

Buyerdock, the new online platform to help buyers find exciting new shelf ready products, have now opened the platform to independent retailers.

6 Jan 2021

After installing a 24 hour free E bike charging system at their shop in Betws y Coed, Beics Betws decided to encourage other businesses to offer a similar service.

6 Jan 2021

Promoting your investment in Cytech technical training is now easier and more affordable than ever

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Did you miss the ACT Maybe* webinar? Here's what you missed

Posted on in Business News , Cycles News

On Monday ACT members were invited to join Maybe* for a free webinar to learn how to optimise social media use.


Now more than ever it is crucial to ensure your online offering is up-to-scratch and an active social media presence can be an excellent way of capturing new and potential customers.

Maybe* is a platform that specialises in helping teams to create exceptional social media experiences that generate business results. The Maybe* webinars have so far been very popular among businesses with positive feedback received so far. Zoe Arnold-Bennett from Shed 1 Distillery Ulverston said of them:

"Thank you very much for this webinar. Pleased that I joined, and not just because you featured one of our posts! I found it informative and came away with real ideas to help improve our social media performance."

The webinar demonstrated:

  • Examples of great social media content using real posts from the cycle-sector
  • How to engage and connect with a wider audience on social media
  • The tactics and tools you need to improve further on your social media

If you have any feedback on the webinar or the Maybe* platform please do share them with us at

Maybe* organise weekly webinars for all businesses to join to show you more about what's working "best" on social media across the UK. The content is updated every week with the latest data from Maybe*. This provides exclusive insight, expert opinion and up-to-date case studies to help you drive your business forward on social media.

Maybe* processes the social media data for over 2.9m businesses and uses the data to help businesses see what's working best so they can improve their results.

Join next week's and learn more about Maybe* at


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