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11 Dec 2019

The Strava "Year in Sport" report was published on Wednesday and released various statitstics about cyclists across the UK

10 Dec 2019 | 1 comment

Sustrans have recently announced a new software which will help to make cycling convenient and accessible to more people.

10 Dec 2019

Cycling UK are putting forward another push to encourage the UK to walk and cycle more for the sake of the oceans.

5 Dec 2019

The ActSmart office will be open as usual (9am-5:15pm) for the majority of the Christmas period

5 Dec 2019

A christmas advert made by an independent hardware shop has become exceedingly popular across the UK within a matter of days

3 Dec 2019

Ahead of the 2019 General Election ACS have summarised how each of the main Political Party's manifesto will affect local shops

27 Nov 2019

This year's winner of the annual Cyclist Café of the Year awards, orgnaised by Cycling UK, has been annouced today!

25 Nov 2019

Help get more people on bikes... and into your shop!

25 Nov 2019

Ahead of the December 2019 General Election, the ACT have provided a brief summary of each major political party's policies that could affect cycling.

25 Nov 2019

IRC member ACS is calling on convenience store retailers to share their experiences of retail crime over the last 12 months in their 2020 Crime Survey.

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DfT's recent cycling achievements

Posted on in Cycles News , Political News

The Secretary of State for Transport, The Rt Hon Grant Shapps, has updated the House on key recent achievements by the Department for Transport.

The Secretary has highlighted the importance of finding efficient transport by stating "Transport plays a critical part in all our lives and is central to some of the biggest issues the country faces, including decarbonisation, growing our economy and uniting the country."

The update states the following achievements specific to cycling:

  • Government spending on cycling and walking has increased to around £2 billion over the 2016 to 2017-2020 to 2021 Spending Review period.
  • Invested over £40 million in the Cycle Rail programme since 2012 which has tripled the number of cycle parking spaces at over 500 stations, bringing the total to over 80,000.
  • Invested £22 million in 33 new and upgraded cycle routes on the National Cycle Network this year.
  • Launched a £2 million e-cargo bike grant programme in February 2019 to support the uptake of e-cargo bikes.
  • Announced a further £13 million in the Bikeability training for school children in October 2018, to extend the scheme into 2020 to 2021. In the year up to April 2019, around 400,000 children completed the scheme.
  • Secured funding through the Cycle City Ambition programme to improve cycling infrastructure in 8 cities to get more people cycling by improving and expanding cycle routes between the city centres, local communities, and key employment and retail sites.
  • Published the first ever statutory Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy in April 2017.

The report also lists improvements for other methods of transport, ongoing technical innovations, motoring and the environment and more. Read the full report on the government website.


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