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17 Oct 2019

In honour of National Baking Week we would love to celebrate our brilliant baking shop and dazzling deli in the running to be named Best Small Shop of 2019!

15 Oct 2019

Sports Direct has voiced concerns about the dominance of Adidas and Nike and the high level of supplier power that they have in the sportswear industry.

14 Oct 2019

Chess lists the 7 top benefits of outsourcing IT during uncertain political times.

14 Oct 2019

This year we are delighted to say that there has been a couple of fine food shops shortlisted, this includes a wine merchant and a cheesemonger.

14 Oct 2019

The FCA have announced that on the 9th December 2019 the Approved Persons Regime will be replaced with the Senior Managers and Certification Regime.

11 Oct 2019

Both retailer and visitor registration is now open for CHSI Stitches 2020

9 Oct 2019

Mastercard have announced that from October 2019, Mastercard (and GlobalPayments) systems can support sending an authorisation request containing both the digital wallet and 3D Secure (3DS)...

8 Oct 2019

Over the next 4 weeks we will be introducing a few shops at a time and telling you about the fantastic ways in which they continue to help their communities and why they stood out to the judges.

8 Oct 2019

CyclingIndustry.News is seeking to compile a health report of the UK bike retail channel for the third year running.

7 Oct 2019

Why barbers, beauty salons, vape stores, cafes and tearooms, along with restaurants and bars have been so succesful over the last 3 years

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UK Government pledges funding for new cycling routes

Posted on in Cycles News , Outdoor News

BikesThe UK Government has pledged to invest £20 million towards the creation of 22 new cycling routes, as well as the improvement of current cycling routes and improved links to other transport modes.

The funding was pledged with the intention to reduce congestion, ensure the safety of road junctions for cyclists, create more accessible paths and improve road signage. The National Cycle Network scheme already helps 4.5 million people to make journeys each year without using a car.

Cycling Minister Chris Heaton-Harris said: "This funding will put the right infrastructure in place, so people can enjoy new routes on foot or by bike, supporting the government's ambition for cycling and walking to become the natural choice for shorter journeys by 2040."

The cycling and walking investment strategy was originally published in 2017 and sets out the government's plan for active and more environmentally friendly travel. Almost £2 billion is projected to be invested over this Spending Review period in cycling and walking in the 4-5 years between 2016/17 and 2020/21, and investment per head has increased three-fold since 2010.

Schemes such as the National Cycle Network are part of a country-wide effort on both the government's behalf and cycling charities to encourage Britain's population to ditch their cars and use a method of travelling that is more beneficial to the environment, their health and their pockets. As a nation, Britain continues to strive for successful cycling - in 2017, cyclists travelled 3.3 billion miles on British roads, 3% further than in the previous year, and 29% further than 20 years ago. As these figures continue to increase with schemes such as this one propelling them forward, IBDs are presented with opportunities to promote their shops to the increasing amount of potential customers.

An easy way to ensure your store is visible to consumers is through adding your shop to The Cycling Experts directory, which customers can use to find IBDs near them and also view whether they are Cytech qualified.

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