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17 Jul 2019

As indepedent businesses are increasingly affected by political factors and a lack of governent support, the UK retail industry is becoming a crisis situation with hudreds of independent...

4 Jul 2019

The annual search to find Britain’s Best Small Shop, a competition managed by the Independent Retailers Confederation (IRC), begins today with a focus on consumer engagement and how...

25 Jun 2019

The plans for a new Thames walking and cycling crossing from Canary Wharf to Rotherhithe in London have been halted due to the rising costs

25 Jun 2019

Survival has been the primary focus of many bike shops, but what if you are looking to grow?

24 Jun 2019

Local Bike Shop Day celebrates independent bike shops all around the UK

24 Jun 2019 | 1 comment

New research estimates the effect of e-bikes on miles travelled and greenhouse gas emissions

20 Jun 2019

The definitive guide to safer cycling is a four part series that offers crucial information on important cycling safety statistics as well as helpful tips and advice

12 Jun 2019

The Government recently announced the introduction of e-bikes into the Cycle to Work scheme. The addition of e-bike within the Cycle to Work scheme could help more commuters turn to greener...

12 Jun 2019 | 2 comments

The e-bike market is forecasted to grow further across the UK competing with the car for short distances.

12 Jun 2019

The APPCG hope you can join their next meeting on the industrial case for cycling

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More than one type of customer in cycles

Posted on in Business News , Cycles News

cyclingFor decades now the majority of the cycles industry has been made up of men. The industry has overlooked other demographics and target audiences that are interested in cycling.

According to a recent report from Sustrans and Arup, one-third of disabled people in UK cities would like to start cycling.

This spike in interest in everyday cycling is mirrored amongst other demographic groups including women (32%) and people over 65 (15%).

The report found that women, disabled people and older people face barriers to beginning to cycle or to cycling more. These barriers include the association that cycling isn't an activity for people like ‘them', heightened safety concerns when sharing road space with cars, the lack of dedicated cycles infrastructures and the lack of connectivity.

The report also offers a number of recommendations for towns and cities to ensure the voices of underrepresented groups are integrated into policy and planning.

But, as a bike shop, you can make changes and adapt your business to support and include the variety of demographics that take an interest in cycling.

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