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19 Jul 2018

To curb cheap imports that European producers say are flooding the market

17 Jul 2018

Two thirds of cyclists regularly face road risks due to "close passing" by drivers

16 Jul 2018

Providing much-needed transport to those who need it in Africa

16 Jul 2018

UK's indendent retailers encouraged to enter

13 Jul 2018

Hobbycraft achieved its eighth consecutive year of sales growth

4 Jul 2018

To provide some relief for the retail industry

3 Jul 2018

Free Priority Setup & Training

2 Jul 2018

Doncaster retailer celebrating 25 years in business

2 Jul 2018

Majority of businesses say email marketing is important to their marketing strategy

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A Strider Balance Bike with Pedals!

Posted on in Business News ,Brands & Products News , Cycles News by Strider Bike UK

The new gamechanger - the Strider® 2 IN 1 Balance Bike, 14X Sport Balance/Pedal Conversion Bike.

Designed specifically for children aged 3 to 7 years old, the Strider 14X will give children the confidence and skills needed when learning to ride. This 2 in 1 balance bike allows your child to build the foundation required in balance mode to then allow them to quickly and easily transition into pedal bike mode.

Starting in balance bike mode, the bike is lightweight and ergonomically designed to allow children to Stride the bike along, learning the balance needed to ride a bike. Two front brake levers, again designed for this age group, introduces the concept of braking all in a frame designed to have a low centre of gravity and very similar to their best selling 12" balance bike range. When the child has nailed balance with feet up on the builtin footrest, a 1 bolt installation then transforms the bike into a pedal bike that grows with the child through to 7 years old.

Strider Riders on the 14X will have access to an exclusive Strider Racing calendar from 2019 onwards so they can continue to enjoy the unique events held worldwide.

For more details please contact or call 01926 339107.


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