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23 Jan 2019

Vosper investigates the new reality of the bike market further in exploring era 3.0 as a driver in the bike market and shifting market strategies.

23 Jan 2019

On the 22nd of January the European Parliament decided that compulsory third party liability insurance is not required for e-bikes.

21 Jan 2019

With Brexit looming over all of our heads, catch up on that you have missed and what happens next.

21 Jan 2019

James Llewellyn published an insightful article in 2018 addressing some of the most used reasons in discussing the dying High Street and how they may actually be premature.

18 Jan 2019

Your chance to help stop potential damage on the growth of the e-bike market.

18 Jan 2019

Reports and insight into tactics that worked for retailers online and across the sales channels in the recent months with a particular focus on the Christmas period.

18 Jan 2019

Assembly members were able to pledge their support for their local shops at the National Assembly for Wales.

18 Jan 2019

Reports suggest that potholes across the UK could be self-repairing in the next 30 years.

15 Jan 2019

Halfords is seeing its consumer confidence weaken, something that will likely stretch into the next financial year.

15 Jan 2019

The Brownlee brothers are scheduled to open the 2019 London Bike Show.

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Bespoke V12 integration with 50% discount

Posted on in Business News , Cycles News

iMegaMedia enables retailers to offer V12's point of sale finance to their customers online as well as in-store, with a 50% set-up fee discount for ACT members.

V12 now provide point of sale finance to over 2,500 UK retailers and are the largest UK provider of online retail finance.

imegamediaAnalysis shows that 60% of all finance applications are now made online, and this percentage will only continue to grow. If your business is not yet offering finance online, you could be missing out on thousands of pounds worth of sales.

To help retailers take advantage of this growing market the ACT has teamed up with iMegaMedia to offer a simple V12 integration solution.

iMegaMedia have over 20 years experience working for the some of the world's largest IT Companies providing end-to-end industry leading eCommerce Solutions.

With a view to increasing sales on retailers eCommerce sites iMegaMedia have developed a series of modules for the leading EPOS providers offering quick and effective V12 integration. The iMegaMedia V12 Module enables retailers to offer point of sale finance to their customers online as well as the traditional in-store and mail-order options.

As an exclusive offer for ACT members, iMegaMedia are offering a 50% set-up fee discount to any Ride it away retail finance user - usually £299.

Key features

  • Increase sales
  • Attract customers specifically looking to purchase using retail finance
  • Increase average order values
  • 50% set-up fee discount for V12's Ride it away users
  • A simple V12 plugin for your existing EPOS solution - no need to change providers* (*current solution for Magento, Magento2, shopify, shopify plus, WooCommerce, WordPress, Opencart, Opencart 2.x, Bigommerce, osCommerce, Zencart, Prestashop, cs.cart, interspire, ekm, liquidshop & Xcart)
  • Fast integration
  • Process V12 applications 24/7
  • Fixed yearly licence fee that doesn't increase with sales volume; currently £299 p.a.
  • Automatic updates if either V12 or your EPOS provider alter their system
  • Recommended by ACT and V12

For more information or to get started contact iMegaMedia 0845 463 4230 or email



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