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23 Jan 2019

Vosper investigates the new reality of the bike market further in exploring era 3.0 as a driver in the bike market and shifting market strategies.

23 Jan 2019

On the 22nd of January the European Parliament decided that compulsory third party liability insurance is not required for e-bikes.

21 Jan 2019

With Brexit looming over all of our heads, catch up on that you have missed and what happens next.

21 Jan 2019

James Llewellyn published an insightful article in 2018 addressing some of the most used reasons in discussing the dying High Street and how they may actually be premature.

18 Jan 2019

Your chance to help stop potential damage on the growth of the e-bike market.

18 Jan 2019

Reports and insight into tactics that worked for retailers online and across the sales channels in the recent months with a particular focus on the Christmas period.

18 Jan 2019

Assembly members were able to pledge their support for their local shops at the National Assembly for Wales.

18 Jan 2019

Reports suggest that potholes across the UK could be self-repairing in the next 30 years.

15 Jan 2019

Halfords is seeing its consumer confidence weaken, something that will likely stretch into the next financial year.

15 Jan 2019

The Brownlee brothers are scheduled to open the 2019 London Bike Show.

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Almost three-quarters of women 'never cycle'

Posted on in Cycles News

Almost three-quarters of women in UK cities never ride a bike, despite having a positive perception of cycling, says Sustrans survey.

Women: reducing the gender gap', published by Sustrans, details women's travel habits, views and attitudes towards cycling.

More than 7,700 residents of Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Newcastle and Greater Manchester were surveyed and it found that almost three quarters of them never cycle.

"Most of our cities are failing to design roads and streets for women to cycle," the charity said.
It says more dedicated routes would encourage people to ride bikes.

The cities surveyed are so-called Bike Life cities - part of a UK-wide assessment of cycling.

Twice as many men as women cycle at least once a week in the cities, the report said.

This is despite 72% saying things would be better if people in general cycled more often and more than two-thirds (68%) believing their city would be a better place to live and work if more people cycled.

The research found that many women simply do not feel safe cycling. Just 27% thought cycling safety was good in their city.

"There should be investment in on-road dedicated cycle lanes, protected from motor traffic, that get people to where they want to go directly and efficiently," said cyclist Verity Leigh, from Edinburgh.

"I've always cycled with my children on my bike from the time that they were babies. It's a practical thing for us, it's just a choice that makes our lives easier," Cerys Furlong, who lives in Cardiff, said.

The report pointed to the success of Cambridge - which has the UK's highest level of cycling - and attributed it to low speed limits, extensive cycle routes and expensive parking.

"Evidence from the UK and beyond shows that when dedicated space for riding a bike is provided, alongside engagement programmes, the gender gap in cycling can be eliminated," Sustrans chief executive Xavier Brice said.

The charity recommends prioritising women's road safety through protected routes and providing training programmes to enable more women to use bikes.

Dr Rachel Aldred, a transport academic at the University of Westminster, said women "too often have limited mobility".

"Enabling women to cycle can open up opportunities and help make our society more gender equal and inclusive," she said.

Reader Comments (1)

Why only women? Why only major cities? I'm not sure how much I would want to ride in any of those! Not a fully representative survey in my book, maybe because I don't live in a city I'm biased huh?

David Beacham, 14 Jun 2018

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