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19 Jul 2018

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Surge in EU e-bike imports from China

Posted on in Cycles News

From January - September 2017 China's e-bike export to the EU surpassed the whole 2016 volume by 27% according to a report by Bike Europe.

The latest Eurostat import figures confirm a major increase of Chinese e-bikes into the European Union as foreseen by EBMA's Secretary General Moreno Fioravanti.

Under new CN Codes which came into force in January 2017, Eurostat have recorded that the volume of Chinese e-bikes imported to EU markets between January up to and including September 2017 surpassed 550,000 units - up 27% from the whole of the previous year.

Statements from the European Bicycle Manufacturers Association's (EBMA) Secretary General Fioravanti published by Bike Europe said "Export data from Chinese Customs and Eurostat data finally match and this data reveals an accelerating import of e-bikes from China in 2017."

According to Eurostat a total of 763,665 e-bikes (in the 250W - 25km/h category) were imported into the EU during the period. The majority (551,222 units) originated from China. The second largest exporter is Taiwan with 91,717 units followed by Vietnam (Cambodia) with 91,524 e-bikes. Switzerland is also a notable supplier of e-bikes to the European Union with 18,932 units. New in the top five of e-bike's selling countries to the European Union is Thailand which saw its volume increase from scratch in 2016 to 6753 units last year. The overall average import value of the imported e-bikes stands at 557.34 euro.

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