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30 Sep 2020

There is an official form you can send to your credit company to claim back for your dropped credit score

25 Sep 2020

It is now compulsory for all retail workers in England to wear face masks from today, Indie Retail has created a Face Covering Poster for shops to display outside to inform customers and staff...

24 Sep 2020

4 out of 5 consumers use Google search engines to find information like store address, hours, and directions. But will they find yours?

24 Sep 2020

The NHS Covid-19 contact tracing app is due to be launched on 24 September in England and Wales. To use the contact tracing app businesses will need to download and display QR codes.

23 Sep 2020

In the latest demonstration of their insight tool Maybe* are showing businesses how to replicate Gymshark's successful tactics to improve results and increase ROI.

20 Sep 2020

The ACT's new infographic that helps you to know what to look out for when choosing the right finance provider

16 Sep 2020

Maybe*'s latest video on helping Local Authorities and Bids to upskill their businesses in social media so that they have the tools they need to engage online and drive sales in the lead up to...

15 Sep 2020

Local Bike Shop Day's postponed date of 5th September was the perfect time to celebrate the recent upturn in cycling and draw attention to allthat local bike shops have done for us throughout...

15 Sep 2020

Read which lucky bike shops and customers were chosen to receive Local Bike Shop Day prizes

14 Sep 2020

The Government has launched a consultation on changes to benefit active travel by introducing the notion of a hierarchy of road users into the Highway Code. This webinar brings together the Highway...

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Parents fail kid's cycle MOT test

Posted on in Cycles News

Survey suggests childrens bikes don't receive high enough level of maintenance

A new nationwide family cycling survey undertaken by leading children's bike specialist Frog Bikes has revealed that only 23.6% of parents give their child's bike an annual safety check and MOT, with a majority (60.6%) preferring ad hoc repairs carried out at home and 15.8% admitting to never subjecting their child's bike to an MOT. In fact 75% of children's bikes are never taken to a bike shop for servicing.

Frog Bikes Technical Manager Stephen Johnson explains "Just like an adult bike a child's bike is not just a toy and also needs to be inspected and serviced by a qualified mechanic at least once a year, all the moving parts such as cables, bearings, brake pads, chain and tyres over a period of time will start to wear and if not attended to could become unsafe and in extreme cases dangerous to ride. A basic service/ inspection at a reputable bike store is not expensive and would give you peace of mind knowing your child is safe as well as keeping up the bikes second hand value."

The survey's key findings include:

  • 84.5% of parents teach their child to ride with a helmet
  • 85.1% of adults believe helmets should be made compulsory when
    cycling on the road
  • 87.9% of parents want their child to complete a cycle proficiency test before embarking on the roads
  • 74.1% would be prepared to pay to pay for a cycling proficiency course and test for their children
  • 22.8% of parents state fear of the roads as a reason for preventing their children from cycling more often

Despite major concerns about road safety over 99% of parents still believe learning to cycle is important. 71% of parents believed their children should cycle more than they currently do yet the largest proportion of participants (38.6%) answered that they didn't have enough time to do so. The most popular reason given for cycling being important for children was that it is felt to be an essential life skill (39.1%), followed by health benefits (30.7%).

According to Shelley Lawson of Frog Bikes, "However proficient a parent believes he or she is at cycle repairs there is a lot to be said for getting an annual cycle check and MOT from a cycle specialist. Especially as road safety is such an issue with parents, 87.9% of whom want their children to have completed a cycle proficiency test before embarking on the roads."

Offering expert cycle maintenance

Consumers should be encouraged to visit a qualified retailer who is able to ensure a safe experience, fitting the bike to the customer's needs, supported by quality build and after sales service. Cytech qualified shops meet this requirement, and by using The Cycling Experts shop search, customers can find their local qualified retailer.

To build the Cytech brand and encourage customers to visit your shop, you should ensure that your listing is as comprehensive and up to date as possible by including information such as brands stocked, opening hours, company information or even staff photos. Search for your shop now to see what your listing looks like to consumers, or click here to add or edit your listing.

You could also add the Cytech logo to your website, marketing literature, advertising or company vehicle. To display the Cytech logo you must have at least one member of staff with a Cytech Technical Two qualification or higher. Email us to request the logo.

You should be promoting Cytech in store too. Many Cytech accredited stores either do not display certificates or hide them away where customers cannot see them. To get maximum benefit from your investment in Cytech, display certificates behind the sales counter or elsewhere on the shop floor. Customers can recognise that you have invested in people and service and you can refer to them when talking about the service you offer.If you need to order a new certificate, click here.

What next?

Find out more about becoming Cytech accredited or getting your business listed on the Cytech Retail directory


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