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20 Jun 2018

Take a look at how your video could look

18 Jun 2018

Workers who cycle to work appear to be happier

18 Jun 2018

Research into consumers behavious towards independent retailers

18 Jun 2018

Recorded for the first time

13 Jun 2018

With a 50% set-up fee discount for ACT members

12 Jun 2018 | 1 comment

Says Sustrans survey

6 Jun 2018

EU starts review of anti-dumping measures on regular bicycle imports from China

5 Jun 2018 | 2 comments

Take part in the survey

4 Jun 2018 | 1 comment

According to a Cycling UK poll

Promote your shop ahead of Local Bike Shop Day

Posted on in Cycles News

Westerham Cyclery in Kent have taken the opportunity to appear in a short film to showcase their business ahead of Local Bike Shop Day.

The short video was filmed by owner Mark Brewer and his daughter Matilda was then edited and produced by Deryck Jones at as part of the Local Bike Shop Day promotion.

Every local bike shop has the chance to appear in their own film just like Westerham Cyclery, click here to read more about how to film and submit your video and get your shop promoted this Local Bike Shop Day!

In addition to the short films, every independent bike shop will also be promoted on the Local Bike Shop Day directory.

Nearly 100 IBDs across the UK are already signed up - if your business isn't yet listed simply sign up here.

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