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26 Feb 2020

CyclingIndustry.News' third annual Independent Retail Study is now available to purchase in full

26 Feb 2020

The ACT returned to iceBike* 2020 and focussed on three core initiatives; Ride it away, Cytech and Local Bike Shop Day

26 Feb 2020

Singer and now author Frankie Bridge has helped launch the search to find the UK's Best Small Shop of 2020

25 Feb 2020

The Environment Bill includes commitments on tackling plastic pollution and details how they plan on meeting the net-zero target by 2050

25 Feb 2020

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs have announced plans to introduce restrictions on the sale of wood and a ban on coal from next year

25 Feb 2020

From 20th February the new polymer £20 will enter circulation and begin appearing in ATMs across the UK

25 Feb 2020

The most recent updates from the APPGCW Cycling & Walking showcase

24 Feb 2020

Ideas that can help you to get your customers and the wider community involved in Local Bike Shop Day

17 Feb 2020

Why you should take part in Ride to Work Week 2020

17 Feb 2020

Register for your free trade entry to London Bike Show now

CyclingIndustry.News' annual Independent Retail Study now available

Posted on in Business News , Cycles News

CyclingIndustry.News' third annual Independent Retail Study is CyclingIndustry.News Surveynow available to purchase in full

The publisher's 43-page assessment of the market draws on feedback from over 200 UK independent bike shops who voiced their opinions on where they see the direction of our market going on a number of fronts.

Included within you'll find information on:

  • Where businesses will invest and cut back across stock and services in 2020 and beyond
  • What makes bike retailers more or less likely to carry a product
  • The average sales prices of a plethora of bikes and e-Bikes
  • Which brands are the market's top sellers across bikes, clothing, accessories, tyres and more
  • Where shops feel marketing budget should be spent
  • What shops would like suppliers to improve upon
  • The terms and margin requirements for successful trading relationships
  • What events stores attend most

That's just a fraction of the detail within, with CI.N's Independent Retail study also reflecting on broader issue on how the industry as a whole should invest so that all ships rise together.

"Our annual study of the retail market is among the most valuable pieces of content we produce here at CI.N"

CyclingIndustry.News Editor and author of the study Mark Sutton said of the findings: "Our annual study of the retail market is among the most valuable pieces of content we produce here at CI.N, as not only does it inform our editorial, but it places in the hands of those forecasting for the year ahead a detailed picture of where to make investments and where to play it cautious. There are more surprises in the data than I had expected, so it's certainly content that should prove useful to those crystal balling the future of our marketplace.

"I would also like to take the opportunity to once again thank those who participated in our Independent Retail Study. Without your help CI.N would struggle to the deliver trusted content that has quickly seen our title become a go to source for the global bike industry."

The report is organised into easy to digest graphs that provide an at a glance understanding. To enquire about purchasing a licence to download the study in full, email the editor here with the subject line ‘Market Study'.


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