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26 Nov 2018

The government has published a 2-year plan towards the improvement and safety of the vulnerable people on the road.

23 Nov 2018

The government promised a wide road traffic review in 2014, but this undertaking has not been upheld.

21 Nov 2018

TfL improvements to roads has led to an increase in foot traffic and benefits for the retail environment

21 Nov 2018

The secrets behind the success of Primark

21 Nov 2018

Evans Cycles, sold to Sports Direct last month is set to close

20 Nov 2018

The APPCG hope you can join their next meeting on 'Plans for the National Cycle Network' 

20 Nov 2018

High street retailers are thriving within an ever-changing and moulding market landscape because of the passion behind them.

20 Nov 2018 | 1 comment

Making Tax Digital is changing the way that retailers will submit their VAT returns from the 1st of April 2019.

19 Nov 2018

Greater Manchester plans to deliver a £1.5bn cycle network, claimed to be the largest cycling network in the UK.

14 Nov 2018

Read about the Best Small Shops Competition 2018 right here

2-year action plan for walking and cycling launched

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The government has published a 2-year action plan towards the improvement and safety of vulnerable people on the road.


The government has put into place key measures that are designed to support the growth of cycling and walking across the UK.

50 proposed new measures have been introduced as part of the government's plan to control road rage, encourage cycling and walking and protect the people on the streets.

Among the key measures are:

  • A review of guidance in the Highway Code to improve safety for vulnerable road users
  • New investment to support the police to improve enforcement by developing a national back office function to handle footage provided through dash-cam evidence
  • Enforcement against parking in mandatory cycle lanes
  • The appointment of a new Cycling and Walking Champion to raise the profile of Active Travel
  • Encouragement for local authorities to increase investment in cycling and walking infrastructure to 15% of total transport infrastructure spending
  • Work with key cycling and walking organisations to develop a behaviour change campaign alongside the action plan

The councils are not only being given the power to challenge dangerous and irresponsible parking in cycle lanes but also, the encouragement from the government to spend 15% of their local transport infrastructure funding on walking and cycling.

A part of this action plan includes a new back office unit for the police to analyse video evidence submitted by the public. This measure came about from the success of the Operation Snap, a programme first piloted by North Wales Police in 2016.

The Department for Transport (DfT) will be looking to appoint a new cycling and walking champion in order to ensure that the new policies are not only met but also, meet the needs of road users across the UK. The cycling and walking champion will also host a new 2019 Bikeability Summit that looks to encourage businesses to promote cycling and walking schemes.

Joshua Harris, the director of campaigns at Brake, a road safety charity, said:

"People who choose to cycle or walk should be able to do so in a safe and welcoming environment; active travel is not only great for personal health but public health too. With cyclists and pedestrians among the most vulnerable on our roads, safety, and the perceptions of safety, need to be addressed to encourage more people to leave their cars at home and get active. We welcome the government's action plan, which couldn't be more timely as people across the country are encouraged to be more #BikeSmart for national Road Safety Week."

This action plan not only gives police the ability to analyse video footage but assess whether drivers and motorcyclists who have passed Bikeability training can get discounts offered by insurance companies. The DfT will be working closely with courier companies to explore any incentives that could be given to drivers who undergo training in driving safely alongside cyclists, pedestrians and horse-riders.

The action plan was built upon the feedback from more than 14,000 people, including organisations such as Brake, Living Streets, Cycling UK and the British Horse Society.

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