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8 Feb 2019

Desktop ecommerce is getting outweighed by mobile ecommerce but conversions are still very low

8 Feb 2019

The click & collect market is predicted to grow to 46% over the next five years

7 Feb 2019 | 1 comment

The APPCG hope you can join their next meeting on cycling and walking for individual and population health benefits

5 Feb 2019

A study into mobile payments has shown that stores offering mobile payments have more customers and spending

5 Feb 2019

Internet Retailing reports on retailer's business models that are working in the New Year and listening to the voice of the consumer

5 Feb 2019

The government has rejected the recommended delay to the introduction of Making Tax Digital (MTD)

4 Feb 2019

Local Bike Shop Day 2019 is launching today, set the 4th of May aside for an amazing day supporting your local bike shops.

31 Jan 2019

Analysis reports a modest increase in the total number of e-bikes entering the country between January and December 2018.

30 Jan 2019

With Brexit looming over all of our heads consumers are voicing their concerns about retail shopping and retailers are listening.

30 Jan 2019

The ACT is back at iceBike* for another year.

Mobile ecommerce conversions are low, but why?

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ecommerce sales onlineInternet Retailing explores why 54% of ecommerce sales are attributed to mobile, yet the conversion rates are at a low 2%.

According to research conducted by Contentsquare, there is a lack of optimisation when it comes to mobile ecommerce.

Although more and more consumers are turning to mobile as their preferred channel for online shopping, the poor user experience and lack of optimised sites is hindering mobile purchases.

Contentsquare looks to analyse user behaviour on mobile and desktops.

  • Desktop non-buyers spend an average of six minutes viewing an average of six pages
  • Mobile non-buyers spend an average of three minutes viewing five pages
  • Desktop buyers spend an average of 24 minutes viewing an average of 28 pages
  • Mobile buyers spend an average of 21 minutes viewing 26 pages
  • Users who start their journey on a product page spend less time on a site than user entering from a non-product page

Although, user behaviour is similar, mobile non-buyers abandon their journey much quicker on a mobile than on desktop.

Mobile users who reach the final stages of a purchase have a conversion rate of 16.8% which is almost half the conversion rate (32.2%) of those on desktop.

Interestingly, data also shows that mobile users reaching the checkout page and not committing spend more time interacting on the page than mobile buyers (33%).

Contentsquare ends the report advising brands to encourage browsing behaviour, keeping the user on-site to gain big benefits in terms of both brand and product awareness and reach a conversion at a later date.

This insight is reflective of how indie retailers see purchases, sometimes the purchase is not immediate but rather drawn out. It is more important to raise brand and product awareness and build rapport with customers than the immediate sell.

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