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16 Dec 2019

Snappy Shopper has recently been introduced to the market as a new app that enables local independent shops to increase their sales through offering delivery.

12 Dec 2019

There is now less than one month remaining for UK-based independent bike shops to participate in CI.N's annual Retail Channel Study

12 Dec 2019

The UK general election is happening today on the 12th December 2019.

11 Dec 2019

The Strava "Year in Sport" report was published on Wednesday and released various statitstics about cyclists across the UK

10 Dec 2019

Cycling UK are putting forward another push to encourage the UK to walk and cycle more for the sake of the oceans.

10 Dec 2019 | 1 comment

Sustrans have recently announced a new software which will help to make cycling convenient and accessible to more people.

5 Dec 2019

The ActSmart office will be open as usual (9am-5:15pm) for the majority of the Christmas period

5 Dec 2019

A christmas advert made by an independent hardware shop has become exceedingly popular across the UK within a matter of days

3 Dec 2019

Ahead of the 2019 General Election ACS have summarised how each of the main Political Party's manifesto will affect local shops

27 Nov 2019

This year's winner of the annual Cyclist Café of the Year awards, orgnaised by Cycling UK, has been annouced today!

New app helps convenience stores compete with supermarket giants

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Snappy Shopper has recently been introduced to the market as a new app that enables local independent shops to increase their sales through offering delivery.

Convenience stores can add their full range of products to the app, therefore adding the ability to be seen by thousands more customers who may have never even set foot in the store. When using the app consumers can quickly add products to cart, check-out and get it delivered in under an hour. This is anything from Alcohol, Soft Drinks, Snacks, Groceries, Baby Care, Household, Cigarettes & Tobacco, Magazines & Newspapers, Pet food and more.

This new innovative software claims that it ultimately helps independent shop owners compete with the much larger retailers like Asda and Tesco, who do not offer delivery in under an hour.

The startup has seen impressive figures from their pilot stores and have recently received £1m+ funding to begin rolling out the service UK-wide.

Store owners have seen an increase in sales without a drop in in-store sales, with the stores picking up customers that wouldn't normally use their store. Those with disabilities, single-mums and busy professionals are just a few of the groups of people who are regularly using the app. Snappy Shopper boasts an impressive £21 average basket size, customers are stocking up more than in-store for a variety of reasons.

Targeting smaller, independent retailers, the Snappy Shopper, backed by Tech giants MTC media pride themselves on giving control to the retailers and helping them increase their sales through their digital capabilities. 

For more information on Snappy Shopper visit them at

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