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1 Nov 2021

ACT and ActSmart partner Global Payments (GP) will be contacting all customers to arrange the replacement of your terminal(s) to keep you up with modern requirements for no extra cost.

27 Oct 2021

The Budget and SR21 promised much for both the cycling industry and for retailers, but will it be enough to help recover the damage done from the pandemic and help sustain the cycling...

27 Oct 2021

During the Maybe* monthly masterclass you'll discover each month which bike shops have had the most social media engagement and why - catch up on last week's now.
The masterclass...

26 Oct 2021

NeartSt is now available to ActSmart subscribers from just £9 per month with no lock-in (30 day rolling contract). In addition to this, ActSmart Gold subscribers can...

26 Oct 2021

With courses for both enthusiasts and professionals, the Cytech journey you take will differ depending on where you want to take your new skills, but either way your journey will begin with...

25 Oct 2021

In excellent news the government has recently announced an extension to their £3,000 incentive payment to employers taking on a new apprentice, with an employment start date from 1...

21 Oct 2021

A recent article featured in Forbes has advised independent retailers to plan ahead this Christmas, especially with regard to e-commerce, stock quantities and COVID restrictions.

19 Oct 2021

The FCA have recently announced significant increases in their base ratefees that will have an unfavourable effect, particularly on smaller independent retailers.

19 Oct 2021

This is the £200 threshold that determines the response by the police, and theft below this level does not always merit a police visit and offenders can plead guilty by post.

18 Oct 2021

#BikeIsBest,the cycle industry campaign supported by leading brands, retailers, organisations and cycling advocacy groups, has launched its latest campaign: When more people cycle,...

Global Payments to upgrade all customer card terminals

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ACT and ActSmart partner Global Payments (GP) will be contacting all customers to arrange the replacement of your terminal(s) to keep you up with modern requirements for no extra cost.

GP will be arranging delivery of your new upgraded terminal(s) free of charge with no additional ongoing costs, plus these benefits:

  • The latest security standard requirements
  • No charge to your monthly  terminal rental fee, your transaction charges*, or the way GP credit your nominated bank account
  • The new terminal(s) has a larger touch screen with an ergonomic design
  • It'll use the same tally rolls
  • Connecting your new terminal(s) to any broadband (IP) service using an Ethernet cable can make your card processing transactions up to four times faster** compared to traditional dial up.
Once you've received your new upgraded terminal, getting started is easy:
  1. Complete an 'end of day' on your old terminal(s) before you connect your new one. GP recommend you do this at the start or end of the day. GP also encourage you to install your new terminal as soon as possible.
  2. Update the default supervisor password on your terminal(s) so authorised members of staff are able to process refunds and enter authorisation codes manually.
  3. Once you've installed your new terminal(s), GP will contact you again to arrange a collection of your old terminal(s).
GP will be sending all customers a quick start guide and a user guide, with further installation instructions and all the features of the terminal. If you have any questions, call GP on 08449 672 806.
For more information about how you can use Global Payments in your business visit the ACT website here (cycles businesses) or the ActSmart website here (all other businesses). 
*Excluding and re-pricing activities unrelated to the terminal replacement and otherwise as permitted by your Terminal Rental Agreement and/or Terms of Service
**Average authorisation time over PSTN (Public Switch Telephone Network) dial up connection 18 seconds, average authorisation time over broadband 4 seconds.


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