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14 Aug 2020

Cycling UK have launched a new campaign- Pumped Up- to celebrate the joy of the bike across our towns, cities and countryside and reminding people about the fun and freedom that cycling...

13 Aug 2020

Comment from Karen Dear, Director of Operations at the CBA (Craft Bakers Association) on how Shop Local Week could benefit local bakery businesses

12 Aug 2020

Use these tips to promote your involvement with Local Bike Shop Day to increase the cumulative impact!

12 Aug 2020

With a month to go until entries close in the search to find Britain's Best Small Shop of 2020 Maybe*, which has been named as partner of this year's competition, has found that independent...

11 Aug 2020

The Government has begun Shop Local Week, seven days of concentrated activity encouraging shoppers to return to their local high street and shop safely.

6 Aug 2020

Increased scrutiny is being placed upon the UK's growing use of Buy Now Pay Later services

5 Aug 2020

The free ActSmart subscription offer was taken up by a large number of businesses across the UK, helping to raise hundreds of pounds for a great cause

5 Aug 2020

The brands currently bossing customer experience and the six key pillars to drive your business in the right direction

5 Aug 2020

Organisers say Local Bike Shop Day provides a perfect vehicle for cycle shops to encourage local residents to resurrect their own as well as their children's bikes, or upgrade or buy new if...

4 Aug 2020 | 1 comment

The Scotland Cycle Repair Scheme is funded by the Scottish Government and delivered through Cycling UK and participating retailers to provide free bike repair and maintenance workup to a...

Get Pumped Up to cycle and join the World's Biggest Bike Ride on 12 September

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Pumped UpCycling UK have launched a new campaign- Pumped Up- to celebrate the joy of the bike across our towns, cities and countryside and reminding people about the fun and freedom that cycling unlocks.

Cycling has never been so popular since the post-war years. Recent figures show a 146% increase in cycle journeys in the UK. The recent global pandemic has given us a glimpse into what the future could hold as people stayed home, breathed cleaner air, found solace in quietness and nature and most importantly rode their bikes.

Dusty cycles were resurrected from garden sheds and garages. Tyres were pumped, saddles adjusted, and chains oiled.
Some rode for exercise, others for escapism and their mental health; some to pick up milk and others to feel alive. To capture that new-found enthusiasm for cycling, Cycling UK launching an exciting new campaign, Pumped Up.

Pumped Up is inspiring everyone to enjoy that special thrill and freedom of riding a bike, whether they're already a dedicated cyclist who can inspire their friends and family to ride or just starting out and need some advice and inspiration, we want everyone to be Pumped Up to cycle with us.


Cycling UK Pumped UpWorld's Biggest Bike Ride

What is the World's Biggest Bike Ride? This is the cycling event for people who simply ride a bike.

Cycling UK is giving everyone a great reason to get out on their bikes, show support for a new era of transport and remind us all how awesome cycling is. When we look around the globe at the effect of the pandemic, the world is experiencing the biggest bike ride in years; many people, who haven't cycled before or for many years, are enjoying getting in the saddle.

By joining the World's Biggest Bike Ride on Saturday 12 September, together we can get behind this exciting step change for cycling and realise the benefits for our health and for the future. 

You can find all the information relating to World's Biggest Bike Ride by visiting

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