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21 Feb 2023

The Welsh Government has decided to scrap existing road building plans and to move instead towards encouraging sustainable and active transport over car use. As a result, all new road projects...

21 Feb 2023

A new YouGov survey has found that 60% of drivers remain unfamiliar with last year’s Highway Code updates, which were intended to improve the safety of vulnerable road users in the UK.

21 Feb 2023

The European Parliament has tasked the European Commission with doubling the number of kilometres cycled in Europe by 2030. The call marks a recognition of cycling as a fully-fledged mode of...

15 Feb 2023

ACT will be joined by key service partners as leading trade show iceBike* returns as an in-person event for the first time since 2020 next month, with events in the North at the Manchester...

13 Feb 2023

New research by estate agent comparison site,, has analysed the number of independent shops found across 15 major UK cities to find which presented the most independent retail...

13 Feb 2023

New data from insolvency specialists Real Business Rescue, which analysed current commercial retail listings to find the most and least expensive areas in the UK for business owners to open...

13 Feb 2023

The Policing Minister Chris Philp has said that tackling retail crime is a priority.

13 Feb 2023

Record Store Day has unveiled indie rock band The 1975 as this year’s RSD ambassadors.

7 Feb 2023

ACT Gold Member Bike.Rent Manager has launched a new platform to connect consumers with rental shops worldwide, Bike.Rent.

6 Feb 2023

Schools, high streets and main roads will benefit from improved crossings and junctions to support walking and cycling, reduce emissions and boost local economies, thanks to a £200 million...

Welsh roads review hailed as a victory for cyclists.

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The Welsh Government has decided to scrap existing road building plans and to move instead towards encouraging sustainable and active transport over car use. As a result, all new road projects in Wales must now be aimed at reducing car use and encouraging active transport.

Welsh Parliment

Road building projects in Wales will now have to meet four separate criteria which seek to reduce carbon emissions, encourage cycling, walking and public transport use, and improve safety.

Cycling UK's head of campaigns Duncan Dollimore called it "a marked shift from other UK administrations’ simplistic and outdated views of building more roads as the answer to all transport woes from congestion to poor air quality.”

He described it as “the most significant change in UK roads building policy over the last 20 years” saying that the proposals are “bold in principle and forward-looking as they realise the economic benefit of placing people and the environment at the heart of transport policy."

Sustainable transport charity Sustrans also welcomed the announcement and said that the UK government needed to take note.

"Whilst the Welsh Government is reviewing road building schemes to ensure they fit with the need to reduce traffic emissions, the UK Government is spending billions on major road building projects – this must stop," it said.

The announcement, by the Welsh deputy minister for climate change Lee Waters, comes off the back of the Welsh Roads Review.

Waters was reported by the BBC to have told the Senedd: "We will not get to net zero unless we stop doing the same thing over and over. None of this is easy but neither is the alternative."

Several major road building projects in Wales have now been scrapped adds the report, including the third Menai Bridge and the controversial Flintshire 'Red Route'.

The four criteria new projects will have to meet are as follows:

- Support modal shift (more journeys walked, cycled, or using public transport) and reduce carbon emissions.
- Improve safety through small-scale changes.
- Adapt to the impacts of climate change.
- Provide access and connectivity to jobs and centres of economic activity in a way that supports modal shift.

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