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29 Jul 2021

Part 1 of the ACT summer series looks at the rapid expansion of Cytech in the UK.

29 Jul 2021

Social media is a busy world, and the past week has been no different. Maybe* have pulled together some of the top, recent headlines. Read on to discover the Olympiad emojis and live stream...

29 Jul 2021

The IRC are seeking urgent input from members impacted by the rule changes  on 1st Julyto provide us with valuable information we can present to Government.

23 Jul 2021

Get involved early with one of the latest innovations in indoor cycling

22 Jul 2021

During the Maybe* monthly masterclass you'll discover each month which bike shops have had the most social media engagement and why - catch up on last week's now.

21 Jul 2021

£2 billion will be invested over five years with the aim that half of all journeys in towns and cities will be cycled or walked by 2030, benefitting the UK's high streets in many ways

21 Jul 2021

The report announces a new National High Streets Day to celebrate clean streets, the extension of pavement licence measures for a further 12 months and a £150m Community Ownership Fund to...

15 Jul 2021

This week Maybe* are introducing you to Wool Warehouse, a crafting havenfor which product is king. Here the owners share their social media tips so that you can learn from their product-led...

15 Jul 2021

Face coverings are no longer required by law but states that government expects and recommends that people continue to wear a face covering in crowed, enclosed spaces. Businesses who want to...

14 Jul 2021

The 12-week programme, which combines online sessions with face-to-face learning, is 90% funded by the Government and has been designed to allowparticipants to complete it alongside full-time...

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2021-22 Scottish Government Budget Briefing

Posted on in Business News , Cycles News , Political News

'Exceptiscotlandonal circumstances require an exceptional response'

Today, the Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Kate Forbes set out the Scottish 2021-22 Budget. The Budget seeks to provide a continued response to the Covid-19 pandemic and fiscal security into the future. The central themes of the budget included; creating jobs and investing in a sustainable furture, responding to the heath pandemic and tackling inequalities.

For more information on the Scottish Government Budget, click here and for the full Budget statement, click here.


Business Rates

The Scottish Government is extending the 100% business rates relief for retail and hospitality sectors, including convenience stores, for three months to cover the months of April - June. This will be funded by the 2020/21 business rates relief which some businesses chose to reimburse. The Scottish Government has committed to match any UK Government policy on business rates relief for 2021/22, but will not be able to commit to further relief until the full finance settlement from the 3rd March UK Budget is confirmed. The basic poundage rate used to calculate business rates bills for 2021/22 will also reduce by 0.8 pence to 49p in the pound. The intermediate poundage rate for properties between £51,000 and £95,000 rateable value is an additional 1.3p with the higher poundage rate at 2.6p. The Business Growth Accelerator is also being expanded to cover property improvements requiring a change of use within the planning system to incentivise property use.


Covid-19 Response

The Scottish Government highlighted its continuation to work with the UK Government on responding to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Scottish Government has called on the UK Government to release Scotland's share of its COVID-19 reserve which would provide up to £1.7 billion of additional funding in 2021-22 to support the continuation of paying business support grants. The Scottish Government also plans to provide an additional £500 million, subject to confirmation of the level of such funding in the delayed UK Budget to support the Covid-19 recovery.

£10 Million to Tackle Obesity

The Budget set out the Scottish Government's continued investment in line with its ambition to halve childhood obesity by 2030 and significantly reduce diet‑related health inequalities. The Scottish Government will support a targeted approach to improve healthier eating for people with low incomes. ACS continues to monitor the Scottish Government's plans to introduce restrictions on the location and promotions of products, which has been delayed by the Covid-19 pandemic.


£2 Billion to Protect the Environment

Today's Budget supports the Scottish Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform portfolio which sets out to facilitate a green economic recovery whilst advancing towards achieving net zero targets in a response to the global climate emergency. The budget announced investment of £2 billion additional funding to decarbonise society through our ways of living, travel and energy. This will provide opportunities to create green and low carbon jobs and encourage green Scottish Industries whilst helping to end Scotland's contribution to climate change by 2045. The Scottish Government also announced the investment of over £70 million to support the shift to zero emission mobility, including electric vehicle charging infrastructure. The Deposit Returns Scheme in Scotland was not mentioned during the Budget today but ACS continues to work closely with the Scottish Government on its implementation, currently scheduled for 2022.


Justice Package of £3 Billion

In 2021-22, to ensure safer communities, the Scottish Government will provide a total funding settlement of £1.3 billion for the Scottish Police Authority, including an uplift of £60 million in the resource budget that will eliminate Police Scotland's structural deficit. An additional £15 million will be provided to the Scottish Police Authority to mitigate the impacts of Covid-19 on the policing budget. The Scottish Budget also announced an additional £50 million funding to help the justice system manage a backlog in criminal caseloads caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. There will be an increase of £1.5 million in funding to support victims of crime, building on engagement with stakeholders to respond to a variety of needs. As part of its priority for justice reform, the Scottish Government will continue to invest in reducing reoffending and tackling its causes. The Budget will provide £145.3 million in funding for action on alcohol and drugs, including £79.7 million for drug and alcohol services, delivered through joint decision making by Integration Authorities and Alcohol and Drug Partnerships.

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