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13 Jul 2020

Following the recent Government announcement pledging extra investment and funding for businesses hiring an apprentice, Cytech training provider Activate Cycle Academy (formerly ATG Training) will...

9 Jul 2020

With the additional Government funding and Activate Cycle Academy's launch of a brand new apprenticeship standard for bicycle mechanics there has never been a better time to take on an apprentice...

8 Jul 2020

The Competition and Markets Authority is leading a Digital Markets Taskforce to provide advice to the Government on the potential design and implementation of pro-competitive measures for...

8 Jul 2020

Coronavirus is clearly having a huge impact on retail workers but one ofthe impacts that is often overlooked is its effect on the mental wellbeing of those working in our stores.

7 Jul 2020

The Government has now published its response to the Call for Evidence on Violence and Abuse towards shop staff which closed in June 2019.

2 Jul 2020 | 1 comment

Innovative indie retailers who adapt their business to combat the impact of Covid-19 are to be recognised in a special category in Britain's Best Small Shops competition 2020

2 Jul 2020

The Government has published the Business and Planning Bill in the Houseof Commons designed to make provision relating to the promotion of economic recovery and growth.

1 Jul 2020 | 1 comment

Rental e-scooters will become legal on roads in Great Britain from this Saturday, in a bid to ease pressure on public transport amid the coronavirus crisis

1 Jul 2020

To gauge the intentions of the British public, Maybe* has gathered 20,000 answers from regions across the UK to understand if and when they'll return to the shops, and what their concerns are...

1 Jul 2020

The FCA are requesting that firms now prepare for phased move to FCA's new data collection platform RegData.

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National Bicycle Tyre Recycling Scheme to be launched later this year

Posted on in Business News , Cycles News

Whilst cycling is arguably one of the most environmentally conscious of sports, we do, sadly generate more landfill than many others. In 2018 the ACT helped conduct a survey which led to the assessment that 44,000 tonnes of waste bicycle tyres and inner tubes enter UK landfill every year. This figure is set to rise as participation continues to increase.

Each year in the UK:

  • 30,500,000 tyres are disposed of
  • Along with 152,500,000 inner tubes
  • Over 99% of these end up in landfill
  • This is in excess of 44,000 tonnes

Following the survey, work began on developing a UK collection and recycling scheme for bicycle tyres and inner tubes which is set to be rolled out nationwide. All of the rubber collected will be reprocessed into new materials or re-used in other ways, with zero going to landfill and none exported.

The scheme will see participating bike stores, workshops, hire schemes and cycle refurbishment centres all become local collection points. The cost of running the scheme will be funded by consumers by means of charging a recycling levy on every scrap tyre received.

The National Bicycle Tyre Recycling Scheme is to be run by Velorim Limited, whose Chief Executive, Dave Hawthorn commented, ‘It is important that we, the UK cycling industry, get our house in order before the government makes the disposal of bicycle tyres illegal. Once we have, we can then rightly re-claim the position of being the most environmentally responsible of sports.'

The UK government has signalled its intent to outlaw the disposal of several troublesome waste streams and bicycle tyres are set to be included. The dumping of automotive tyres has been illegal since 2003 yet bike tyres, technically almost identical, have been overlooked principally due to the absence of a viable recycling scheme.

To find out more and to apply to become a local collection point, or Velorim Centre as they will be known, visit


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