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15 Nov 2019

ACS has briefed all prospective parliamentary candidates on the policy issues that affect local shops

13 Nov 2019

The Secretary of State for Transport, The Rt Hon Grant Shapps, has updated the House on key recent achievements by the Department for Transport

13 Nov 2019

The 5 main asks for the next government to encourage walking and cycling

12 Nov 2019

Sarah Graham, owner of Arragon's Cycles has spoken out about how the competition has affected their business and how they continuously strive for greatness.

12 Nov 2019

This year's COREbike show will be taking place between Sunday 27th to Tuesday 29th of January.

12 Nov 2019

A recent story published on BBC news shows how a popular finance provider misled a 21-year-old student which ended in her...

11 Nov 2019

GoFundMe is being used as a method for small businesses to raise funds that are cash-strapped and struggling

6 Nov 2019

A Bristol-based deli with a reputation for incredible cakes and superb takeaway dishes, cooked on site, has been named as Britain's Best Small Shop of 2019.

4 Nov 2019

This year two amazing art shops and a stunning stationery shop have been named in the running to be Britain's Best Small Shop 2019!

4 Nov 2019

This year 3 fantastic gifts shops have been shortlisted that will provide you with everything you could possibly need for Christmas, birthdays and even a few treats for yourself!

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Eco-friendly shops shortlisted in Best Small Shops competition!

Posted on in Business News

There is now only 1 week to go until the Best Small Shop in the UK for 2019 is announced at the reception in the House of Commons!

Over the last couple of weeks we have been introducing you to the fantastic shops that have been shortlisted and telling you about the wonderful ways in which they continuously help their communities and why they stood out to the judges.

These two shops stood out in particular due to their care for the environment and the ongoing sustainability of their shops. The Recycled Candle Company and The Naked Pantry New Forest go above and beyond to ensure their products are environmentally friendly while still maintaining excellent customer service!

The Recycled Candle Company 

The Recycled Candle Company, which moved into its new shop in Exeter in June this year, sells candles fragranced with its own bespoke scents created in collaboration with a UK-based French perfumier.

With the ever-increasing costs of commercial and non-commercial waste disposal, this shop collects scrap candle wax and takes it away to be recycled and given new life by melting it down, cleaning, dying, and scenting it.

The shop includes a space for candle-making workshops, guest classes or hot-desking, and customers who donate used candles receive a discount whilst the shop's loyalty card rewards returning customers. Last year the retailer initiated a Golden Ticket scheme with other local businesses; tickets were given to customers to use as payment against purchases in the run up to Christmas.

The Naked Pantry New Forest

At The Naked Pantry New Forest customers can bring their own containers to refill with all their kitchen pantry items, household cleaning products, personal care items, and toiletries.

The shop helps the local community reduce its waste by collecting several different waste streams for recycling by TerraCycle and donate all the proceeds to a local hospice. It is a collection point and event host for the local free school uniform swap organiser and has also signed up to be community leaders for becoming a plastic free town. The Naked Pantry is passionate about helping its community to become less dependent on plastic packaging and reducing food waste. 

For more information about The Recycled Candle Company and The Naked Pantry New Forest you can visit their pages in the Indie Retail Shop directory. Keep up to date with the Best Small Shops competition by following our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages.

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