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17 Feb 2020

Why you should take part in Ride to Work Week 2020

17 Feb 2020

Register for your free trade entry to London Bike Show now

14 Feb 2020

The IRC are delighted to announce a rebranding of the Best Small Shops competition to celebrate the fast-paced level of growth and to further amplify the competition

6 Feb 2020

Email the ACT by 11am on Friday 7th February to attend the APPGCW Cycling & Walking showcase taking place on the 11th February in Parliament.

6 Feb 2020

How big brands are turning the traditional retail model it on its head.

5 Feb 2020

Cytech is also making a return to the show, staffed by the experts who train the world's professionals to offer support and advice about everything technical.

4 Feb 2020

The Director at Stitchlinkshas put out a request to all who enjoy knitting or crocheting to take part in a study to explore the psychological effects of knitting and crocheting.

31 Jan 2020

Tonight the UK will leave the EU at 11pm GMT, ending a 46-year relationship, but what will this mean for independent retailers?

30 Jan 2020

The Indie Retail eCommerce calendar for the month ahead to plan your sales & marketing strategies

29 Jan 2020

On Friday 31st January Indie Retail will be launching a monthly newsletter to be sent out to subscribing independent shops.

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Cycling UK's new 800-mile Great North Trail promotes access to the countryside

Posted on in Cycles News , Outdoor News

On the 1st September Cycling UK launched an 800-mile long distance trail that ranges from the Peak District to as far as the most northerly points in Scotland.

Cycling UK is a national cycling charity that aims to encourage and inspire people to cycle and keep cycling, whether it be for leisure, commuting, road or off-road. This is based on their belief that cycling makes you feel good, gives you a sense of freedom and creates a better environment for everyone.

The new trail has been titled the "Great North Trail" and is largely made up of bridleways, byways, cycle routes, unpaved roads and very low traffic minor roads. Some of these include previous established trails such as the Pennine Bridleway, while some parts of the trail have introduced new networks of trails, forest roads and abandoned railway lines. The trail also offers great views through areas of natural beauty such as the Peak District, Yorkshire Dales, Kielder Forest, Corrieyairack Pass, Loch Ness and Cape Wrath.

Duncan Dollimore, Head of Campaigns at Cycling UK said that "We've created the Great North Trail because we recognised very little has been done to promote national off-road trails", he also specified that "there is an appetite for more cycling access to the countryside. Off-road trails can be ideal for families to ride safely, away from traffic and city pollution". As well as these benefits, the route is also part of Cycling UK's on-going work to open up more of the countryside to cyclists, which could have enormous health and economic benefits.

The 800-mile Great North Trail is also part of Cycling UK's ongoing mission to connect the National and Great Trails of England, Wales and Scotland.

View the Great North Trail online now at the Cycling UK website!

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