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22 Oct 2014

Do you see the value in playing music in your retail store?

22 Oct 2014

Are you giving your customers the chance to buy on finance?

21 Oct 2014

Access to funding, recruitment, and rising costs among the biggest issues for SMEs

20 Oct 2014

Card payments reach highest ever numbers in just one month

20 Oct 2014

OIA announce UK awarded the contract to host EOS conference

16 Oct 2014

Investing in cycling will generate benefits for the whole country, not just those using a bike

15 Oct 2014

Find out what you missed out on...

15 Oct 2014

Cytech's leading training provider in the UK win Bike Biz award

15 Oct 2014

On 20th October, the carrier bag charge comes into force for all Scottish retailers

13 Oct 2014

Number of independents in UK is at its highest level in four years

Poll: Gift Cards

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Gift cards are commonplace in large corporate retailers. Would you, or do you, consider gift cards to be a valuable sales tool within your shop? Let us know by taking part in our poll.

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