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25 Nov 2014 | 1 comment

Keeping ActSmart services exclusive to subscribers

24 Nov 2014

It's not too late to get online

21 Nov 2014

Trade are invited to attend for free

20 Nov 2014

Customers turn to credit

18 Nov 2014

The qualification for bicycle mechanics is now available across the globe

17 Nov 2014

ACS respond to consultation on new coin and impact on retailers

17 Nov 2014

ActSmart subscribers can now process transactions from as little as 1.065%

13 Nov 2014

There are many key issues facing the retail supply chain - BIS are looking to identify them

13 Nov 2014 | 1 comment

Our poll results reveal what IBDs think of the Cycle to Work schemes

12 Nov 2014

Start selling online for free with Tictail

Poll: Gift Cards

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Gift cards are commonplace in large corporate retailers. Would you, or do you, consider gift cards to be a valuable sales tool within your shop? Let us know by taking part in our poll.

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