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28 Jun 2016

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CMA acts to cut energy costs for small business

Posted on in Business News , Cycles News , Creative News, Outdoor News

Measures to reduce energy bills for small businesses are being introduced by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). an investigation it found that many tariffs for smaller businesses are not published as they are negotiated between customer and supplier, so suppliers will now have to publish all prices they offer to small businesses so they can have a better idea of what they should be paying.

It is also banning contracts which bind a business into expensive rollover terms. Suppliers will be stopped from inserting termination fees and no exit clauses for rollover periods, and there will be greater notice periods when a contract is coming to an end.

Businesses will be prompted to switch if they have been on their supplier's default tariff for at least three years.
The CMA said: "Other suppliers will be able to write to you, telling you how much money you could save if you switched to them and making it easier for you to choose the best deal for you.

"The prompting system will be closely controlled: you'll be able to opt out and there will be no irritating telephone calls, texts or emails."

Are you paying too much for your energy?

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) said that between 2009 and 2013 average prices offered by the "big six" companies were around 14 per cent above the "competitive level" in the SME segment.

‘This equates to SME customers paying around £500million more on an annual basis than would have been the case had competition functioned more effectively,' it said.

Due to a lack of awareness of what deals are available, confusing and inaccurate bills and the real and perceived difficulties of changing suppliers, more than 34% of businesses have never considered switching provider.

See how much you could save

Get professional, independent and impartial advice to ensure you secure the best energy prices for your business.

USC are completely independent which means they are not tied to any particular provider. They have formed good relationships with every major electricity and gas supplier in the UK to ensure you can get the most competitive contract available. They will use their expertise to contact suppliers and undertake all negotiations on your behalf providing you with a proven specialist service which can reduce your costs and take the hassle out of dealing with utilities companies.

Why spend hours dealing with electricity and gas suppliers haggling over tariffs and contracts when USC can do it all for you?

  • FREE independent review of the available providers in your area
  • FREE protection against automatic price increases with fixed term/fixed price contracts
  • FREE contract monitoring to protect you against contract rollovers & out of contract rates
  • FREE bill checking service
  • Proven specialist service designed to save you money

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Simply return the letter to USC and they'll take care of the rest.

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