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21 Oct 2016

Introducing the first dedicated company in the UK providing bespoke installation of high quality Premium Paint Protective Film for bikes.

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It's the best investment you'll never see!

Posted on in Business News ,Brands & Products News , Cycles News by Cyclewrap

Introducing the first dedicated company in the UK providing installation of high quality Premium Paint Protective Film for bikes.

altCyclewrap was recently set up by Chris Tilley to aid the cycle market in the UK.  Chris has a passion for mountain biking and after a fall scuffed his bike, he searched for a local company who could fix the paintwork and also protect the bike against it happening again.  Chris realised that although there are some films to buy online, there was no one who could provide the same cover for cycles as they do in the automotive industry.  Chris said “I started to look for a mobile or local company who could correct the paintwork and paint protect my bike with the high quality premium films like the ones used on cars, but the more I searched the more I realised it didn’t exist.  I was surprised as our bikes aren’t cheap to buy and do see quite a bit wear and tear, I realised that I could use my experience as an engineer to do it myself” 

With Chris’s experience working as an Engineer and Project Manager for over 20 years, being fanatical about keeping his high performance cars and completing all his own bike maintenance, he realised he had all the required skills to provide protective film applications on bikes. 

Cyclewrap will only use premium films for installation and will only let the very best quality out of their workshop.  They also can provide paint correction, parts and fitting to give all customers peace of mind and aiding them to keep their pride and joy like the day it was new.  With the use of his mobile service, Chris has completed works around the country from the tip of Scotland to the South East Coast of England.

Recommend your customers to Cyclewrap today and they’ll benefit from a 10% discount when they quote ACT. Contact them today to find out more.

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