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30 Sep 2016

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Engaging with the e-bike customer

Posted on in Cycles News

Keith Jepson - Max Bikes PR and Electric Bike Corporation (EBC) Consultant - shares his top tips on how to engage with and keep potential e-bike customers.

Well...with better and more cost effective power assist bicycles on the market, the opportunities for business are massive. In simple terms the e-bike works better and is more reliable, it looks better and is easier on the pocket. These simple factors have grown the market significantly - so what does the dealer need to do to get a "slice of the e-pie?"

The first thing we suggest is to ride e-bikes yourself and encourage your staff to do so. There is no better way to understand the product and then share the information, benefits and experience with customers. This ride time also makes great content for your blog, social media and website.

Next, it's important to position the bikes in store and have appropriate POS, we are even seeing a number of stores create e-bike specific sections. These stores are not necessarily e-bike specialists but are giving e-bikes space and prominence in store. A token e-bike at the back of your store is not going to produce significant e-bike sales!

Important also is to show a representative range of both styles and retail prices of e-bikes on your website with a clearly marked electric bike section. More and more potential consumers use websites for initial information before visiting a store. If you are not showing you are serious about electric bikes the consumer will go somewhere that is.

Next up - test rides and demo options. These are an amazing way to engage with customers. Ask your customers if they have tried an e-bike. Once a customer test rides an e-bike they really see the benefits of the bike, how easy it is to use and they experience the "smile factor". This is when the e-bike becomes not only an item of need but of want! What an opportunity for a salesman when a customer comes back from a test ride with that e-bike grin and a very positive attitude.

With demos across the country we are seeing a large number of customers who try an e-bike for the first time then go on to purchase what can be a life changing bicycle. These riders are testing everything from hi-end MTB's to low and mid-price hybrid / leisure e-bikes. The variety of both riders and product illustrates the huge growth in the market.

After the testing phase the customer is looking for support with knowledge and tech advice. With instore diagnostic tooling and brand support, the dealer is well equipped to offer customer care. The tech support, tooling and technology is all available from major manufacturers such as Bosch, Shimano Steps and TranzX - plus making sure your staff are trained in diagnosing and fixing e-bikes is easy with the help of the new Cytech technical e-bike course.

With all of the above elements the dealer creates the "perfect storm": knowledge, support, strong product and desire!

The electric bike market is growing rapidly make sure you plug in to this new business opportunity!

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