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22 Oct 2014

Do you see the value in playing music in your retail store?

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Value and importance of music to small business

Posted on in Business News , Cycles News

This week, a meeting is taking place to discuss the value and importance of music to small business.

The value of playing music in a business environment has been widely debated across the independent retail industry. The topic is now being bought to the attention of industry leaders in a meeting set to take place this week.

The meeting will have contributions from leading small business representatives, chaired by Lord Chris Smith (external independent director PPL) & Baroness Estelle Morris (external independent director PRS).

According to research, playing the right kind of music in store can have a positive effect on retail sales. A survey conducted for music licensing organisations PPL and PRS for Music, of 1,008 small and medium-sized enterprise owners 54% believed that playing music could increase sales or results for their businesses.

Views on the role and importance of music in businesses has been a popular topic for discussion on retail forums, with points being raised on a variety of issues. From the type of music that is best to play, to whether it's played for the benefit of staff, customers or both plus whether a licence fee is worth the cost. These topics and more will be discussed in the forthcoming meeting, in the meantime, head over to the Bike Trade Buzz forum to have your say or see what your industry peers think.



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