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Maximising your sales this Cycle to Work Day

Posted on in Cycles News

Cycle to Work Day returns for 2015, taking place on Thursday September 3rd.

Over 500 employers, representing 811,087 staff are organising activities and events to encourage people to give cycling a go with the hope that it will lead to more people taking to the saddle every day. you are an independent bike shop and you want to get involved in the day by offering free bike health checks, visit

Whilst Cycle to Work Day says its aim is to get one million people regularly commuting to work by bike by 2021, a survey from Aviva has suggested that many potential cycle commuters, in particular women, could be put off by a number of issues.

The data has been released as part of the build up to the Aviva Tour of Britain which takes place from 6th-13th September.

When asked what puts them off cycling to work, women were much more worried about the safety aspect (41%) and their fitness levels (25%) compared to men (28% and 13%). Having no showers at work (16%) was another reason for women leaving their bikes at home. Both men and women had similar concerns about the distance they live from work and cycling in bad weather.

Whilst safety is this biggest concern, fitness levels and sweating while riding are two issues that could be resolved by the growing trend of e-bikes.

With more people encouraged to get on their bikes and ride to work, Cycle to Work schemes are a great way to help your customers afford the bike they want by spreading the cost. But with the majority of employees faced with a £1000 limit on C2W, Ride it away retail finance is a totally complementary scheme, helping those who are looking to spend more (perhaps on an e-bike) than the £1000 limit, the self-employed, those on the minimum wage or where employers simply don't want to engage in C2W administration to spread the cost of purchasing a bike and accessories to cycle to work. The ACT recommend all IBDs should be offering Ride it away and Cycle to work to maximise sales.


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